How does Kivra work?

Lean back and relax. As you get Kivra, things start falling into place. Letters, bills, receipts and uploads – all in one single app. Do as 5,9 million others, gather your important stuff in Kivra. It’s smart, safe and kind to the environment.

Dina viktigheter – det viktigaste vi vet Kivra. Tjej i soffa med dator.

Five ways in which we simplify your life

It’s as simple as this

So what do we mean by “important stuff”? And where does Kivra enter the picture? To get things straight we created a one minute and 40 second crash course.

Kivra in easy english

Learn more about Kivra in easy english.

What letters can you get in Kivra?

Your doormat is about to get a neater look. Today, over 47,000 companies and authorities send letters in Kivra. Every day, new companies discover the benefits of going digital – which means more and more letters will find their way to your app.

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You decide – shape your own experience

Would you like your insurance certificate physically but your bills in the app? Do you prefer notifications or should we stay quiet? It’s all up to you!

Fotograf: tom Swinnen unsplash Fjällvandrare 16 juni 2022

Your important stuff is our priority

We’re here to make adulting easier. Adulting as in paying bills, keeping receipts, collecting letters and keeping track of stuff. We’re here to take your mind off papers, and to let trees produce oxygen rather than spreadsheets. To us, smart, kind and smooth goes hand in hand. Join over half of Sweden's population and gather your important stuff in Kivra.

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