Make every-day life easier with Kivra

Kivra is a digital mailbox for important letters and invoices. You can also receive receipts and payslips, one-click pay invoices. And more.

Connected companies and authorities

Tens of thousands of companies and authorities send invoices, documents and receipts through Kivra. Here you can see who is connected. Do you miss someone? New companies are constantly discovering the benefits of sending digitally, and we are constantly updating the list.

“Kvitton digitalt i mobilen? Ja tack! Appen fungerar och hanterar fakturor och andra viktiga papper väl!”

“Toppen! Får de flesta breven från myndigheter och dylikt i en och samma app. Slipper få massa papper på posten!”

“Smidig betalning. Lätthanterlig även för äldre personer. Tryggt.”

Kivra in short

Millions of people in Sweden already use Kivra. And automatically receive mail and other documents digitally. Kivra is free of charge for you as a private person. See the film to understand how it works.

Get peace of mind with digital mail and receipts. Get started with Kivra.

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Create your personal settings

Would you rather have physical mail from a specific company? Need more reminders, or none at all? There are numerous ways to adjust your Kivra.