A bag overflowing with receipts.

Skip the paper receipt

Done with full pockets? We’ve got a better solution. When you get Kivra, you’ll automatically receive digital receipts from a number of stores and companies. Great for you and the environment!

Why digital receipts?

No need to hustle

You want receipts from ICA as well as Jula? We’ve got you covered. When you sign up for Kivra, you’ll automatically receive receipts directly in the app.

You never lose a receipt

With us there’s fewer things to keep track of. No need to look for long lost paper slips, just open the app. Perfect for returns and warranties.

You save trees

Did you know that four billion receipts are printed every year – for no reason whatsoever? We’d say digital receipts are a no-brainer.

What receipts can you get?

More and more companies offer digital receipts – some of them which you can see here. As others tag along, you’ll have fewer and fewer paper slips in your wallet.

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Logotyp för Ica.
Logotyp för Kjell & Company.
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Logotyp för Jula.
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How does it work?

How to get your receipts in Kivra

We’ll get you going in no time. As you sign up for Kivra, you’ll automatically receive receipts in the app. Do you prefer the paper version? No worries, you can easily change your preferences in your settings.

Membership at companies

When you identify yourself as a member at companies affiliated with Kivra.

Connected a bank card

When you buy at affiliated companies using a connected bank card. Go to the receipt tab to connect your card.

Where you need it – when you need it

Easier returns and complaints

Ever lost a receipt? With us, you won’t. Should you need to return an item or file a complaint, simply bring your digital receipt. Any changes in the receipt can be registered and updated directly by the store.

Smarter expense management

Expenses just got easier. Send digital receipts directly from Kivra to the person who handles expenses – a simple way to report your receipts at the time of purchase.

Read more on handling expenditures

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