Digital receipts

Bye plastic pockets, jacket pockets and back pockets. Now you automatically get digital receipts from affiliated companies in your Kivra. It’s one less thing to keep track of.

Varför digitala kvitton?

Ikon föreställande en låst skärm.

Automatically in your Kivra

Get receipts from ICA, Jula, Elon and more. When you buy from affiliated companies as a club member, your receipts are stored in Kivra.

Ikon föreställande kvitto.

Never lose a receipt

With digital receipts in Kivra it’s less to keep track of. Making it easier to handle things like returns and guarantees.

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Good for you and the planet

Did you know that 4 billion receipts are printed each year, totally unnecessarily? Getting your receipts in Kivra will help you save trees.

Affiliated companies

Here are some of the companies that you can get digital receipts from, or that will be coming soon. As more join you can get even more receipts in your Kivra.

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Logotyp för Ica.
Logotyp för Kjell & Company.
Logotyp för Cervera
Logotyp för Jula.

Så fungerar digitala kvitton

How do I get receipts in Kivra?

Digital receipts are automatically included in Kivra. And if you don’t want to receive them, you can change it in your settings at any time. There are two ways of getting receipts in your Kivra:

Membership at companies

When you identify yourself as a member at companies affiliated with Kivra.

Connected a bank card

When you buy at affiliated companies using a connected bank card. Go to the receipt tab to connect your card.

Smooth when needed

Returns and guarantees

Avoid problems associated with lost receipts. Handle returns and claims by showing your digital receipt. Changes in the receipt can be registered and updated directly.

Handling expenditures

Send digital receipts directly from Kivra to your expense manager. An effective way to report your receipts immediately at the time of the purchase.

Read more on handling expenditures

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