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Get your payslips in Kivra

How about keeping your payslips along with other important stuff? Getting payslips in Kivra is safe as well as sustainable. If your employer is already connected, you can get started right away. Check with your HR or payroll manager.

Everything in one place

Keeping your payslips in Kivra means one less thing to keep track of.

Always safely stored

Your payslips are saved in one single place – good to know when changing jobs or moving.

Always available

With us you’ll always have access to your payslips. Perfect when traveling or contacting the bank.

How to get payslips in Kivra

So you wanna get your pay slip in Kivra? Time to get your employer involved. Three simple steps, and you're up and running.


Check if your employer is connected

Ask your employer or search among connected companies. If your employer is on the list, you can skip to step three right away.

Companies affiliated with Kivra


Ask your employer to join Kivra

Talk to your HR or payroll manager and suggest that you switch to Kivra.


Create your own Kivra account

Do you have Kivra already? Then you’re all set. If not, create a personal account in order to get your pay slips in Kivra.

Create account

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What’s good about pay slips in Kivra?

With us, you get better control of your pay slips. Planning to take a loan? Or do your taxes? Simply open Kivra and find all your pay slips right away. They stay in your app whatever happens, even after changing jobs. Peace of mind for you as well as the environment.

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What’s on your pay slip?

Lots of important stuff! On our payslips you’ll get an overview of taxes, deductions and working hours. You’ll also find out how many vacation days you have left. Compensation for overtime as well as expenses is also included. And then some. Of course you still get to choose whether you want your payslips digitally or on paper.

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