Receive your letters in a digital mailbox

Kivra replaces a great deal of your mailbox at home. Instead of paper made letters, you receive them digitally when a company is connected to Kivra. It’s secure, accessible, and eco-friendly.

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Whenever you have Mobile BankID at hand, you can access your letters in Kivra. At all hours and at all places in the world.

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Your important documents are automatically organised in your inbox. And you get notified every time you receive new mail.



Only you can access your account as a standard-setting. All data is encrypted and requires Mobile BankID.

What is a digital mailbox?

With a digital mailbox, you receive mail digitally. Instead of letting a postman deliver your paper made letters to your home address, the same information is instead sent to your digital inbox. That includes letters, documents, and bills from companies and public authorities connected to Kivra. Digital mail is not affected by weather conditions or misplaced envelopes. It is a good choice for the environment. And also, it speeds up processes.

To create a digital mailbox is free of charge. And the transition to digital mail goes automatically.

Kivra is more than a digital mailbox

In Kivra you get mail from public authorities as well as private companies. We also offer additional functionalities that can make your every-day life easier. Receive digital receipts. Upload and sign documents. Pay your invoices. Read your payslips. And prevent identity theft. The reasons to sign up for Kivra are plenty.

Which letters will I get?

Tens of thounsand of companies are connected to Kivra. Once you have a Kivra account, you will start to receive digital letters. Instead of to your physical mailbox. As more companies connect, you will receive a greater deal of digital letters. See all connected companies.

Get a smarter way to handle your everyday administration

Your digital mailbox

With Kivra, you can handle digital mail as you wish. Your important letters and documents are accessible wherever you are. Log in to your Kivra from home, from your computer or tablet. Or download the Kivra app to access your account easily from your smartphone.

We hope that you want to go all digital. But you can easily adjust the content in Kivra to your liking. You can choose to receive physical letters from a specific sender. Or receive as much as possible digitally. You can choose to use all the services available in Kivra. Or simply use it as a digital mailbox.

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Public authorities

Many of Sweden’s public authorities and municipalities are connected to Kivra. The Tax Agency, Pension Authority, CSN, and more.

Learn more about public authority mail
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A smart way to gather your important documents is to get your payslips in Kivra. This applies when your employer is connected.

Learn more about e-payslips
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Credit reports

When someone has requested a credit report on you, you will immediately receive a notification. It gives you strengthened protection against any misuse of your personal data.

Learn more about credit reports


You will likely get bills and invoices in Kivra. Those can easily be paid without leaving the service. Simply connect your bank account and pay. Kivra prefills all data for you.


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