Upload your important stuff

Letters, invoices, receipts or contracts. With Uploads you can collect your own life documents in Kivra, not only things that other people send to you. It’s perfect for agreements, contracts and other life documents.


Honor the important things

Today there are a thousand places to store things. Cloud services, camera rolls and of course the old drawer. It’s easy to lose things that are important.

In Kivra you can collect the really important stuff at a place that only you have access to, safely stored behind BankID. A place that is still there after moving, getting a new job, finding another life partner or when going on vacation.

Photograph your life documents and save them to your Kivra. Things like test results, diplomas or marriage certificates. With Kivra you have 20 free uploads.

What can i upload

Ikon föreställande en cirkel med en symbol för att något är avbockat.


Diplomas, employment certificates and inspection documents. Or other important certificates that often end up in boxes or old binders. Upload them to Kivra so you know where you have them.


Insurance papers

Gather documents related to your home, family, car and everything else. That way you know where they are in the event of an accident.


Life documents

Some documents are more important than others. Cohabitation agreements, wills and purchase agreements for your home, for example. Important stuff that you can choose to give your nearest and dearest access to.

Dina viktigheter – det viktigaste vi vet Kivra. Tjej i soffa med dator.

A safe place

Security is everything for us. Therefore we make sure that the contents of your Kivra are encrypted and stored in our systems in Sweden. Not in the cloud or by any external party abroad.

The encrypted content can only be opened by you as a user, and if you choose to share your Kivra with someone. We are interpreting your uploads to be able to upload them correctly, but we never read any content.

Did you know that:

  • All documentation that you use for the declaration must be saved for six years. Everything from salary slips to receipts. Skatteverket can ask for your documentation for up to six years after the declaration.

  • Have you renovated your home? You have up to ten years to complain about errors, so you need to save the receipts for just as long.

How to make uploads

Ikon föreställande en dator med två pilar som bildar en cirkel för att symbolisera synkronisering.

Photograph a document

It’s easy to save a digital image or document directly from your mobile, computer or other device. Just take a photo of the document with your mobile camera and upload it to your Kivra.

Ikon föreställande ett dokument som skickas.

Share documents from other apps

You can share documents from other apps directly with your Kivra app. It could be documents from your email, pictures or “my pages” at companies that you have a relationship with. In the document’s built-in sharing functionality you will find Kivra as a choice.

Ladda upp 1000 viktigheter

Upload 1,000 important things

If you need more than the 20 free uploads you can add our smart premium service Kivra+ to your Kivra. Then you get up to 1,000 uploads.

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