Collect your important documents in Kivra

Kivra is a better place for your important documents. Collect letters, invoices, receipts and more - which you would otherwise have had in binders, pockets or in different piles of paper. Safe, accessible and good for the environment.



Kivra is considerably safer than paper mail. All data is encrypted and safely stored. You, and you only, can access your account using Mobile BankID.

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Whenever you have Mobile BankID at hand, you can access your letters in Kivra. At all hours and at all places in the world.

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It is easy and takes less than three minutes to create an account. You access all your mail and documents with the app or on the web.

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Covid­bevis i Kivra

Alla som vaccineras mot Covid-19 kan välja att få sitt vaccinationsintyg digitalt. Covidbeviset, som det kallas, kan du få direkt i Kivra.

What you get in Kivra

Ikon föreställande ett kuvert.

Important mail

Your declaration, invoices and annual statements.
Learn more about digital mailbox, public authority mail and digital invoices

Ikon föreställande kvitto.


Convenient for warranty- or exchange errands.

Learn more about digital receipts
Ikon föreställande en chef.

From your employer

Payslips, certificates and agreements.
Learn more about payslips and signed documents

Thousands of connected companies

Tens of thounsand of companies and public authorities are connected to Kivra. And new ones join continuously.

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