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Millions of Swedes gather their important stuff in Kivra. And, 95% of everything that is sent with Kivra is opened. If you want to reach your customers, Kivra is the way.

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More NGO:s can now send in Kivra

The web is flooded with scams and fake links. Together with you, we offer a safe space with trustworthy content. And it is needed now more than ever, which is why we are opening up for even more senders in Kivra. Now organizations can match by email instead of social security number. It is time for even more people to start sending in Kivra.

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Swish in Kivra

Faster Payments
In Kivra, you can offer Swish as a payment method. It is not only easy and convenient for customers. When customers pay their invoices and offers on time, you also get a better cash flow.

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Reach other businesses through Kivra

You are now able to reach over 166.000 companies and associations with the same infrastructure as Kivra for private individuals. Be confident that your invoice or letter reaches the right person at the right company - send it quickly, securely, and environmentally friendly through Kivra. Of course, you can expect the same high opening rate as on the private side.

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Create campaigns

Produce, segment and administer mailings in our easy-to-use campaign tool.

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Communicate directly

Create your own space for a two-way communication, to communicate directly with customers.

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Get insights and statistics

Time your campaigns, segment them by social security number and gain valuable insights.

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Sender Home

Skräddarsy kundernas upplevelse i vår portal för avsändare. Du kan presentera ditt företags visuella identitet och leda dina kunder vidare – till hemsida, sociala medier, telefon eller andra prioriterade kontaktvägar.

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"We see three main benefits with distributing mail in Kivra: reduced climate impact, the speed of digital distribution and the high security in sendouts."

Oskar Bondfeldt, business developer SBAB, who sends letters, invoices and payslips

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