Payments in Kivra

Imagine a simple and flexible payment service that not only leads to happier customers, but also to faster payments. With us, you can let customers choose how they pay. Swish? A certain date? Split the bill? Most things are possible in Kivra.

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Why have payments in Kivra?

Smooth. Quick. Flexible. There are lots of reasons to go through us, here are a few.

Flexible for everyone

Your customers can choose how they want to pay. We offer several different flexible and award-winning payment solutions.

Faster payments

Kivra has an unmatched opening rate and a large percentage of our users pay their invoices immediately.

Smooth for the customer

Whether your customers want to use Swish or other payment solutions, they can count on a fast and smooth experience.

Faster payment and smart campaigns


When you invoice in Kivra, the chance of getting paid on time increases. Partly because the invoice arrives immediately. Partly because many of our users handle invoices in Kivra as soon as they are received. 45 percent enter the invoice for payment on the same day, and a third pay immediately.

In addition to offering smooth payment, we see invoicing as an important part of the customer experience. With us, it is possible, for example, to add campaigns for additional sales and information placed directly on the invoice. An easy way to get across with important messages, increase customer loyalty and reduce the number of calls to customer service.

More options for payment

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By offering a range of payment options to your customers, you not only increase flexibility and improve conversion rates but also provide them with a superior purchasing experience. By catering to different preferences and needs of your customers, you demonstrate responsiveness to their desires and adaptability to market changes. By providing a seamless and customizable payment process, you give your business a competitive advantage and foster strong customer loyalty.

Let the customers decide

Everyone has different preferences. In Kivra, you can let the customers themselves decide how they want to handle their invoices.

Swish or bank payment.

Add Swish and keep bank payment as an option. Let your customers choose themselves - completely hassle-free.

Flexible dates.

Customers can pay immediately, on the due date or choose their own date.

Partial payment.

Make it easy for customers. With partial payments, they can choose for themselves whether they want to pay the entire invoice, divide it into pre-selected amounts or choose their own amounts.

Swish in Kivra – a favorite among customers

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Swish payments have quickly become one of the most popular payment methods in Kivra. The majority of our users, when given the option, choose to pay with Swish - something that simplifies the process for all parties involved.

On average, payments are made one day earlier compared to other methods, but in some cases, as many as 60 percent of payments are made within five days after being sent.

Activating Swish is as easy for you as it is appreciated by your customers. Additionally, you can now have multiple separate Swish numbers to facilitate your internal finances. Add Swish to Kivra today!

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Payment reminders in Kivra

Send reminders for missed payments and increase the payment rate. With Kivra's high opening rate, invoices and reminders securely reach the customer's digital mailbox. Additionally, you facilitate payment by allowing customers to quickly and easily pay their invoices in Kivra, regardless of the channel used to send the initial invoice.

Resurs Bank – digital pioneers

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As early as 2014, Resurs Bank's customers had the opportunity to partake in Kivra's services. Today, more than half of all direct newspapers are digitized.

We see that more customers choose digital services and thus can calmly choose a suitable payment option and also make the payment itself with Kivra's payment function.

Ismar Hozdic, Output Management Manager Resurs Bank

More ways to improve the customer experience


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Get insights on mailings

Sender Portal helps you to be seen even better in Kivra. In the sender portal, you can create campaigns, view statistics, update contact details and customize the company's visual identity. Here you control the company's presence in Kivra.

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Ask questions, get answers

We offer several smart ways to interact with the company's customers. Take the chance to straighten out customers' question marks as soon as they are formed - in Kivra. Something that is easy thanks to the Campaigns tool and services such as forms, chat and contact routes.

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Customize your message

Customize your message

In Kivra, you can type your mailings based on document type. In this way, you provide tailoring of the user experience. It is also possible to make the mailings more engaging by creating responsive content, so that the experience is adapted to the customers' computer or mobile.

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