Kivra Campaigns

Experience the power of Kivra Campaigns - the ultimate tool to boost customer engagement and maximize the impact of your marketing campaigns. With just a simple click, you can add campaign areas in Kivra's intuitive web interface and take control of your communication. Give your mailings a boost with Kivra Campaigns and transform them into engaging and successful campaigns.

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Your campaigns – your messages

Campaigns can be about almost anything - what does it say in your banner? Here are a few examples!


Sales, offers, and great opportunities! Let your customers know what you got going on.

Important information

When you need to communicate something important to your employees or share information broadly with your customers.

Greetings and Messages.

Do you want to send greetings for Midsummer, Christmas, or share information about Black Friday?

Lead trafic

When you want to help your customers find their way to "My Pages," a campaign page, or other important destinations.

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Take your customer communication to new heights!

Create a personalized and engaging experience for your customers. With our campaign area, you can boost your sales, build stronger loyalty, and reduce the burden on customer service. Additionally, we offer a seamless login experience with Single-Sign-On (SSO) so that your customers can easily navigate to their logged-in pages, such as "My Pages". Whether you choose to place your banners above or below the shipments, Kivra Campaigns will provide you with the necessary toolkit to make your campaigns effective and successful.

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Create result-oriented campaigns with Kivra!

How does this work then? A bit like a classic post-it note – but sleeker, easier, and more efficient. With the help of an editing tool and pre-designed templates, you can create banners and information boxes with just a few clicks. You can easily choose the time period during which the banner should be displayed. Then, you can place them right in the line of sight in the mailing. It's no more difficult than that. As soon as it's sent, you can track clicks and open rates in your Sender Portal.

Guidelines for creating campaigns

Take a look at our guidelines for tips on how to best design your campaign and see some examples of campaigns for inspiration.
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Kivra's latest feature - Campaign Tags!

This new functionality allows you to technically implement "tags", unlocking a more advanced segmentation in your customer communication. With the help of Campaign Tags, you can now target your audiences with even greater precision. Not only will this enrich your communication methods, but it will also provide your customers with an improved and more targeted experience.

Marknadsföring & Engagemang

Marketing and engagement

Our powerful platform gives you the ability to optimize your marketing and create deeper engagement with your customers. Create standout, tailor-made campaigns, manage them seamlessly, and let Kivra Campaigns work for you. With our simple and user-friendly interface, the ability to segment your target audience, and track campaign performance, we provide you with all the tools you need to create effective and measurable results.

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