Vill du som anställd ha lönebesked i Kivra?

Get your pay slips in Kivra

Thousands of employers send payslips in Kivra. Do you? It will reduce your administration and it's safe, easy and sustainable.

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All important stuff in one place

Your employees can collect all important documents in one place.

Ikon föreställande ett pussel av fyra bitar.

Less admin­istration

A high open rate means fewer questions about payslips.

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Follows your employees

Payslips are stored in empoyee's private Kivra and follows them independent of employee.

How it works

Learn how you as employer can send payslips to your employees who already use Kivra to receive mail and collect important documents

Get started with payslips

To send digital payslips in Kivra you need to connect your payroll system. Most payroll systems are already connected to Kivra, so this is easy.

Benefits with digital payslips

Payslips in Kivra have a high open rate. Your employees can gather all important documents - payslips, employment contracts and policies - in one place that they have selected for important stuff.

What applies to your company?

Pick your payroll system in the list below. Can't find it there or you have other questions, contact us.

As a business want to send payslips with Kivra?

Contact us!

Connected payment systems

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Send GDPR -approved

Since payslips contain personal data, security is important. In addition to name, address and social security number, they can also contain information about personal health and union memberships. The personal data controller is responsible for deciding which security measures are required. Sending a payslip in Kivra is a safe choice.

Inform your employes about the transition to Kivra

Download our information material.

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Akademibokhandeln and Bokus send their payslips in Kivra

"When GDPR was implemented, we found Kivra to be the most convenient solution for us." Read the full story (in Swedish).

We are sending payslips in Kivra

A selection of connected employers. Start sending payslips in Kivra as well.

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Vanliga frågor

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  • How does the transition to e-payslip work for our employees?

  • What If an employee is unable to have Kivra?

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