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Send and receive digital post with Kivra

With Kivra, companies can both send and receive digital mail. Get important information and invoices directly to your business account. Lower the costs and send mail digitally. Fast and safe, even for the customers "on the go".

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Kivra Business users

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Thousands of companies

Public authorities, municipalities, and private companies in all industries are connected to Kivra. New organisations connect daily.


Your post is secure with us. All data is encrypted, and Mobile BankID is mandatory for receivers.


No papers nor transportations make a more sustainable climate. We are looking forward to your contribution.

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A hundred and sixty thousand companies and millions of users

With Kivra you get a direct channel to half of Sweden's population. And, 30% of Swedish companies. 5.9 million private individuals and over 151,000 smaller companies want to receive their communication in Kivra. With Kivra's high opening rate, you can be sure that your message gets through.

Start sending with Kivra

There are many reasons to work with Kivra. For us, it is primarily about familiarity, simplicity and reliability. Most people know how Kivra works and are confident with the service. Having everything in one place facilitates and saves time. With Kivra, you avoid lead times and delays – the customer receives the invoice directly in their digital mailbox. In addition, we can easily follow the invoice and see that it really arrives. A flexible solution for both us and our customers!

Elisabeth Beskow, CEO DNB Bank Sverige

Sender Portal - your home in Kivra


Create campaigns

Produce, segment and administer mailings in our easy-to-use campaign tool.

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Communicate directly

Create your own space for a two-way communication, to communicate directly with customers.

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Get insights and statistics

Time your campaigns, segment them by social security number and gain valuable insights.

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Sender Home

Skräddarsy kundernas upplevelse i vår portal för avsändare. Du kan presentera ditt företags visuella identitet och leda dina kunder vidare – till hemsida, sociala medier, telefon eller andra prioriterade kontaktvägar.

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We want to be as tiny as possible!

In terms of emissions, of course. Our total carbon dioxide emissions last year were approximately 220 tonnes of carbon dioxide. That may sound like a lot, but to put it into perspective, it equates to an average of just 28 individuals' emissions in a year.

Speaking of which, our shippers saved a whopping 2,450 tons of carbon dioxide in 2022 alone. This also means that 45,000 trees were left untouched instead of becoming bills and receipts.

Do you want to know more about our climate footprint? Take a look at our climate report.

Webinar med Kivra företag

Learn more about Kivra when you have some spare time

Kivra is more than sending a digital letter. Much more actually. Digital invoices, payslips, receipts - the list is long. Find out more about how how to improve communication with customers and getting invoices paid faster in one of our recorded webinars.