Become a bit more limitless with Kivra Business.

There is a freer way to conduct business. One that requires less paperwork and reduces administrative tasks. Kivra Business is exactly as it sounds. Everything you appreciate about Kivra - but for your business. Consolidate everything from official mail and invoices to your own uploads in one convenient app. Experience a slightly more limitless approach to business, plain and simple.

Hero företag ny

Gather everything in one place.

Never lose a document again! Almost everything fits in Kivra - from mail and invoices to uploads and receipts.

Focus on more important matters.

Don't let unnecessary administration consume your time. With Kivra Business, you'll have space for other things.

Say goodbye to all the paperwork.

Do you think the A4 paper has had its time? We do too. Mail, folders, loose papers – much of it can fit in Kivra instead.

Our services

How limitless do you want to be?

Unsure which service is best for you? Here's what’s included in the two options.

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Digital mail

Receive your mail digitally from anyone who sends in Kivra.

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Upload as much as you want to Kivra. Everything important in one place!

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Scanned mail

No more window envelopes – we scan your paper mail and deliver it in the app.

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Kivra Email

An email address that leads whatever content you wish straight into your Kivra inbox.

Get started in two minutes

It's free, quick, and will significantly simplify your business operations. All you need is to be an authorized signatory and have access to the items listed in the checklist next to it. Then, simply register and you're good to go!


Private Kivra account

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Company VAT number


Mobile BankID

Integrationer k4b

Free up your time with smart integrations

What if you could connect Kivra with your accounting system? If you didn't have to repeat actions in several different systems and things got a bit more automated? Pretty good, we thought. So when you get Kivra Business or Kivra Business Plus, your letters and invoices can be automatically transferred from Kivra to other systems. Less admin, more time to focus on your goals!

What's the deal with Kivra Business?

More than just digital mail – with us, business becomes a bit easier. All of this is included in Kivra Business.


Digital mail from connected companies and authorities.


Invoices directly in the app.


20 uploads


Seamless integration with your accounting system

K4B plus ta emot

Kivra Business Plus - get all your mail digitally

Treat yourself to complete freedom! With Kivra Business Plus, you can say goodbye to your mailbox. You have full control over what lands in Kivra, of course, but most people find life a little easier with everything in one place. Technically speaking, you get a mailing address with Kivra. Then, you can send everything you want to us, and we'll open, sort, scan, and deliver your important documents in the app. But it doesn't stop there. With our Plus service, you can upload an unlimited number of important documents and forward whatever you want to Kivra, just to name a few examples. All of this for only 99 SEK per month!

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Current at Kivra Business

Here you can keep up to date with current happenings at Kivra Business.


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