Business mail. Always accessible.

Set up a Business Mailbox in Kivra and let your organisation receive digital mail. Works similarly to a private account, but for your company’s letters and invoices.

How to get started


Create private account

Make sure you have Kivra yourself, as a private person. That is required to create a Business Mailbox.

Learn more about Kivra Private.


Enter your company registration number and personal identity number. Identify yourself using Mobile BankID.



Your organisation will now receive digital mail. From connected companies and authorities.

Varför Företagsbrevlåda?

Have you signed up for a business mailbox?

There are a lot of advantages to having a digital mailbox for your business. Not only to you receive all your mail digitally in Kivra, but with Kivra+ Business you can also digitize all your physical mail. As an added bonus, why not connect the Business mailbox directly to your accounting system?

Fördelar med företagsbrevlådan

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Kivra Business

Gather important documents in a Kivra mailbox for your organisation. Mail from authorities and companies. Invoices, letters, and agreements.

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Kivra Business+

Receive all your mails digitally. Not only from companies and authorities connected to Kivra. Scanned and uploaded to your Business Mailbox.

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Connect your account to an accounting system. A big step towards an automatic and paper-free accountancy routine.

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  • How do I register a Business Mailbox?

  • How do I know when I have received new mail to my Business Mailbox?

  • Can my accountant or colleague access the Business Mailbox?