Kivra Business Plus – for unlimited work days

What if you could work anywhere, anytime? Skip mailboxes, folders and papers all together. Get Kivra Business Plus and take your business to a new, freer level.

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Quit the paperwork

There's a job no one wants. Yet it steals hour after hour, week after week. Kivra Business Plus is for those of you who've had enough. Who want to get more out of your time. Who want to receive all your mail digitally and work almost completely independently of paper and physical locations. Quit the paperwork, you too! There are only upsides.

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How limitless do you want to be?

Unsure which service is best for you? Here's what’s included in the two options.

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Digital mail

Receive your mail digitally from anyone who sends in Kivra.

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Upload as much as you want to Kivra. Everything important in one place!

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Scanned mail

No more window envelopes – we scan your paper mail and deliver it in the app.

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Kivra Email

An email address that leads whatever content you wish straight into your Kivra inbox.

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Free up your time with smart integrations

What if you could connect Kivra with your accounting system? If you didn't have to repeat actions in several different systems and things got a bit more automated? Pretty good, we thought. So when you get Kivra Business or Kivra Business Plus, your invoices and receipts can be automatically transferred from Kivra to other systems. Less admin, more time to focus on your goals!

Greater freedom for SEK 99 a month

As you get Kivra Business Plus, work-life gets a bit lighter and simpler. For one thing, you won't have to deal with window envelopes anymore. We take care of your paper mail by sorting, scanning and delivering it in Kivra instead. So, other than less admin, what are the actual wins here?

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Order and focus

→ Stop searching in long email threads or messy mailboxes.
→ Upload unlimited number of documents in Kivra.

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Use your competence right

→ Spend more time on growing the company and less time on administration.

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Flexibility and freedom

→ Travel and work wherever you want - access your essentials around the clock, around the world.

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Security and peace of mind

→ Rest in the knowledge that all important information is automatically stored for at least seven years.
→ Everything is encrypted and behind Mobilt BankID.

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