Kivra Business+

With Kivra Business+ all your paper mail is delivered in Kivra, you can integrated directly with your financial system and you receive a dedicated Kivra Mail.

Kivra Företag+

Bye bye letters!

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Uploads - SOON HERE

Upload documents

Soon you will be able to scan and upload receipts, invoices, and other important stuff from your mobile, not just via the web.

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Easier with Peppol

Secure your business for the future. PEPPOL is an international network for invoicing. Soon you will be able to receive PEPPOL-invoices in your Business Mailbox.

Get started with Kivra Business+


Get a Business mailbox

The first step toward an office without paper is to sign up for Kivra Business.

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Activate Kivra Business+

Go to settings on the web and follow the instructions. In the app you find the activation button on the home view.

Digitalisera kommunen med Kivra

Stop searching for documents

Let your Business mailbox become the place for all the company's important documents. With Kivra Business+ you can digitize snail mail and receive documents via Kivra mail. And, if you connect the mailbox with your accounting system, your invoices and receipts end up directly where you want them. Everything in one place, wherever you are.

Common questions

  • What company types does the Kivra Business mailbox support?

  • How do i add colleagues and/or signatories over time?