Reach your citizens digitally

By using Kivra your municipality can communicated digitally in new and innovative ways. We can provide you with the tools to make the every day easier for your citizens and helt you on your path to digitizing. Tools like digital mail, invoices, letters, and payslips.

Become the world's best in digitization

You are probably well familiar with the government's objectives. Swedish municipalities must become the best in the world at taking advantage of the possibilities of digitization.

It is a goal that inspires us. Because we know it's possible. Already today, tens of thousands of companies and authorities use Kivra to send letters, invoices and much more. Together, over half of Sweden's adult population has chosen to collect their important things in Kivra - two out of three Swedes.

Digitization can sometimes sound a bit vague. But in our case it is very concrete. Kivra contributes to a citizen service in the form of a simple, fast and smooth dialogue. A dialogue that can simultaneously save valuable resources for your municipality.

We see the introduction of digital mail as a service to citizens in the first place. We feel that communication becomes more secure with digital mail. The fact that the resident themself has chosen Kivra, I think makes them read the mail to a greater extent.

Carina Landin, communications manager Ragunda Municipality

How we help you

Goodbye, envelopes. Give your citizens the opportunity to receive all their mail digitally.

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Digitize all types of letters. Building permits, acceptance notices, news and much more.

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Send invoices directly in Kivra. The recipient can decide when the invoice is to be paid.

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Perfect for appointments. The recipient can add the invitation to their own calendar with a simple press of a button.

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Send payslips to employees. Payslips for the employee to save even after the end of employment.

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Do a survey, ask questions - find out what your citizens think in a simple and flexible way using forms in Kivra.

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Three of many advantages

Environmental responsibility

The environmental impact of paper mail is great. Both from consumed trees and CO2 emissions from transport. Since the start, Kivra has saved 90,000 trees and 12,000 tons of CO2.

Financial savings

If municipalities completely switched to digital mail, we could save SEK 250 million. Savings that can be used for societal benefit.

A given service

Digital mail is a service for all citizens. In many countries it is already a given. It's simple, fast and flexible.

Digitalisera kommunen med Kivra

Municipal report. The path to the future mail.

Digital mailings are a matter of course if you ask the Swedish people. This is shown by a survey that Kivra conducted with Kantar Sifo in 2020. But Sweden has not yet reached the government's goal of that Swedish municipalities should be the best in the world at taking advantage of the possibilities of digitization. The report from 2020 is still relevant.

Region Västerbotten uses Kivra to reach out about a study

Over 80 percent of the women in this age group in Västerbotten have a digital mailbox, which means that the invitation will end up there for many. We urge everyone to take an extra look in the inbox at, for example, Kivra, urges Sara Höglund.

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Tips to get started

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Start simple

Getting started in small steps is one way to make the transition smoother. Start by digitizing payslips for employees within the municipality, or any other well-defined type of mailing or invoices. And gradually expand.

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Peak at others

A number of municipalities have already started with digital mail. And there are many lessons to be learned here. So take part in the digitization journeys of others and follow suit.

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Ask for help

Clear information and good skills are available. If you find it difficult to get started, ask us for help.

Get started with Kivra

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