Kivra Scanning

How about an empty mailbox and using your letter opener for something else. With Kivra Business+ your company's mail will be scanned and delivered digitally. No matter how it was sent.

Skip snail mail - you can!

Your company mailbox has become obsolete, but the sign 'No direct marketing' is still active.

Ikon föreställande en portfölj.

Everything important in one place

Kivra Scanning gathers all company documentation in one place and in a digital format.


Secure servers, in Sweden

All your company's digital documentation stored in your Kivra Business mailbox on servers in Sweden. The paper orginals are archived for seven years.

Ikon föreställande en person med en hjärtsymbol.

Only important stuff

Direct marketing and junkmail is removed before your mail is scanned so that you only get important stuff in your inbox.

En man ligger i en hängmatta ute i skogen och arbetar på sin dator.

Your welcome mat remains empty

The sign 'No direct marketing' keeps doing its thing, but the snail mail no longer clutters the welcome mat. With Kivra Business+ the office can really be mobile - no need to take a day out of vacation to pick up the mail. And, your work station can just as well be hanging between tress as at a desk.

This is how it works

When you sign up for Kivra Business+ you receive a scanning address for all your snail mail to be scanned and delivered to you in Kivra.


Business mailbox

Get started with Kivra Business+ when logged in to your mailbox.


Share your scanning address

Share you scanning address with the companies and persons who send paper post to you.


We scan everything

We receive your mail, scan and send it to your Business mailbox. Originals are archived for seven years.



You receive a notification in Kivra when a new scanned letter arrives.

Get started with Kivra Business+

Get a Business mailbox and activate Kivra Business+ in the app or on the web in settings