Kivra Mail

With Kivra Mail you receive all your important documents directly in your business account - everything securely in one place.

Why Kivra Mail?

Everything important in one place

With Kivra Mail you decide which mail and documents you want to keep with the rest of your important stuff.

Storage in Sweden

All documents that are sent with your Kivra Mail in the business account are protected by BankID and stored for at least 7 years on servers in Sweden.

Direct integration

By integrating with your accounting system you can have smoothly send important stuff directly from your Kivra Mail to accounting.

This is how it works

Say goodbye to paper and hello to everything in one place and shared responsibility!


Business account

The mail service is part of Kivra Business Plus. You get started with it when you are logged in.


Share your mail

You have now received a mail address that you can use to forward mail from your own inbox. You can share it with colleagues who you want to be able to send to the business account as well.



Send important mail to your Kivra mail and gather everything in the same place.



You get a notification when you receive new mail in your business account.

Digitalisera kommunen med Kivra

No more searching - everything in the one place!

Still spending time trying to locate the important invoice or agreement? With Kivra mail you can sort as soon as mail arrives and save it where you know you can find it next time. You can also send it directly into the business account and on to the accounting system.

Common questions

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