Digital tax returns for companies

How do you do your tax returns digitally as a business owner? Here we have gathered handy information that helps you along the way. Things like useful dates to keep track of.

When is it time to file tax returns as a company?

Which day is the last for filing your company’s tax return depends on when you have to submit the income tax return. This applies for aktiebolag, handelsbolag, kommanditbolag, föreningar and stiftelser.

Have you got the Business Mailbox?

There are a lot of advantages with Business Mailbox for your business. You get mail digitally in Kivra. And with Kivra+ Business you can digitize all physical mail. As a bonus, you can connect the Business Mailbox directly to the accounting system.

Dates to keep track of

Skatteverket has many dates that are important to keep note of as a business owner. There can be different dates for submitting income tax returns and VAT returns, depending on what kind of company you have. Read more at Skatteverket.

Some important dates

February 28th Last day for filing the VAT returns for aktiebolag and föreningar that report per full year and have traded with the EU during the tax year. If you have VAT to pay, it must be paid now.

May 2nd The last day to file your company’s tax returns if it is an enskild firma or as a partner in a handelsbolag.

Aktuella frågor och svar

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