Public Authorities

Many Swedish public authorities and municipalities are connected to Kivra. It means that you can receive important letters swift, secure, and always accessible.

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With Kivra, you can receive authority letters faster. Holidays, traffic and wheather doesn’t affect our distribution.

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Only you can access your account as a standard-setting. All data is encrypted and requires Mobile BankID.

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Eco friendly

By using Kivra, you contribute to save thousands of trees every year. Also, everything sent with Kivra is climate compensated.

Letters from authorities in Kivra

Kivra lets you access your important letters from authorities and municipalities on any digital device. Anytime, and everywhere in the world. It means you no longer have to worry about lost forms or critical information. And you will get a notification as soon as new post arrives.

Get your tax information, the orange envelope, congestion pricing, and study loan information with Kivra. Försäkringskassan and the Swedish Employment Service are also connected, among many others.

You can also customise Kivra to your liking. Even if an authority or company is connected to Kivra, you can choose to continue receiving paper letters from them if you want. There are more ways to adjust your Kivra in the settings menu, once logged in.

From which authorities? 

Here are a few of the public authorities which use Kivra. Find the complete list by clicking "See all".

Logotyp för Skatteverket.
Logotyp för Pensionsmyndigheten.
Logotyp för försäkringskassan
Logotyp för Transportstyrelsen.
Logotyp för CSN.
Logotyp för Arbetsförmedlingen.

Benefits with digital authority letters

Since you need a Mobile BankID to open your post in Kivra, it is more secure compared to traditional paper letters. However, you can share your account if you want to give access to your post to a second person, e.g. a family member.

With a digital mailbox, in many cases, you will receive information earlier than with a traditional mailbox. One of those is letters and information from the Swedish Tax Authority and your tax return information.

You can choose if you want to receive all your authority letters in Kivra. Or, if you instead will get some of them to your physical mailbox. And of course, you can cancel your whole account at any time.

Get started at once

The only thing you need to get started is a Mobile BankID, issued by your bank. Creating an account in Kivra only takes about a minute, and connected authorities and companies will automatically begin sending their letters to your Kivra. You can access your account at any time via or the Kivra app, available in Appstore or Google Play.

get digital mail from both public and private sector.

More information

Property declaration

During autumn 2020, more than 2 million will receive a tax suggestion or declaration regarding real estates. Skip the paperwork and get a notification, with Kivra.

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The Orange Envelope

Your annual information from the Pension Authority can be received in Kivra.

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The tax income declaration

With a Kivra account, you will receive your tax declaration and return information earlier.
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