Smarter grocery shopping with offers in Kivra

Save the environment while making smart grocery purchases. Now, you can choose to receive local offers directly in Kivra. The feature is completely voluntary and intended to simplify grocery shopping for households across the country.


Why Offers in Kivra?

You save money

We make it easier to keep track of food prices in your local area. With offers in Kivra, you quickly get an overview of exceptionally good grocery deals and can adjust your weekly shopping accordingly.

You make a difference for the environment

Every year, over a billion advertising flyers are sent to millions of mailboxes across the country. It's a significant and completely unnecessary strain on the environment. Digital advertising flyers save large amounts of paper pulp. Better for everyone!

On your own terms

You decide! Access offers whenever and wherever you want, at home or in the store. This is an entirely voluntary feature – to be able to see the offers in Kivra, you need to actively accept.

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An easy way to shop right

How about getting a notification when your nearest grocery store lowers the price on your favorite items? We thought that would be great. So now, you can access offers from your local store, or search for the store near your summer cottage. Just pick up your phone right in the store, and you'll be informed about the best prices. With us, it becomes easier to make smart grocery purchases.

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Sustainable and volontary

Did you know that half of Sweden still receives paper advertisements? We find it unnecessary. When you receive offers in Kivra, you are making a good deed for the environment while keeping a close eye on food prices. Selected offers that would have landed on your hallway mat are seen directly in the app. Voluntary and better for the environment!


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