How Kivra works

In Kivra, you receive important documents. For example, invoices, receipts, and letters from companies and authorities.

How Kivra works

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What is Kivra?

What is Kivra

Receive and save

Kivra is an app that you can use to receive and save important documents. You can also upload documents in Kivra.

Read your post anywhere in the world

You can access everything in Kivra on your computer or mobile device, anywhere and anytime. As Kivra is a digital service, your physical address doesn't matter. If you move, it doesn't affect your Kivra account.

What you can get in Kivra

Digital post

You receive letters digitally from companies and government agencies, such as the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) and the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan).

Digital receipts

You receive receipts in your app instead of paper receipts in the store.

Digital invoices

You can pay invoices directly in Kivra.

Digital payslips

If your employer uses Kivra, you receive your payslips in the app.


You can upload paper documents to Kivra, where they are stored digitally.

Feel safe with Kivra

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Kivra is secure

Security is important to us. Only you can access your content in Kivra, and you do so by logging in with Mobile BankID. You can trust all senders in Kivra. We never read your content. Everything that is sent is encrypted and stored in Swedish data centers.

It is easy keeping track in Kivra

We make it easy to keep track of letters and invoices. As soon as you receive something new in Kivra, we send you an email notification. We also send email reminders for unread and unhandled mail. Remember to download our app and enable notifications. This way, you'll know immediately when something new arrives in Kivra.

This is how you get Kivra

To get Kivra, you first need a Swedish personal identification number and Mobile BankID. Then, you click the button and follow the instructions. It's a quick process.
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Our terms & conditions

When you get Kivra, mail will start being sent to you digitally in the app. Some companies do not send through Kivra, and from them, you may still receive physical mail in your mailbox. You can choose which ones you want to send mail to you in Kivra by configuring your settings. Please read our terms of use here.

Get in touch with us

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