Appointments through Kivra

Do you have a doctors appointment? Receive your appointment in Kivra and know it will arrive fast and safe to you. And you'll always have it close by!

Directly into the calendar

Quickly add your appointment along with other important information to your calendar.

Reminders about your appointment

Get a notification when the appointment is approaching.

Easy to reschedule

Is the time not right? Quickly reschedule the appointment through us.

Safe with Mobilt BankID

Full security! Only you can access your appointments.

Quick contact through Kivra

Have any questions? Contact the care provider directly through Kivra.

Vårdkallelser – mobil
Ikon föreställande en person som springer.

Never miss an appointment

The risk is at least significantly reduced. When you receive the appointment in Kivra, you don't have to wait for the usual paper mail. You know immediately when you are booked and can rebook or cancel in time. It is easier and smoother!

Ikon föreställande en låst skärm.

Your information is in safe hands

When you receive your appointments in Kivra, no one else can see them. To access them, you need to log in with Mobile BankID - safe for all parties.

Ikon föreställande ett finger som klickar på en skärm.

Always with you

With us, your appointments will arrive quickly and safely. You have it easily accessible in your pocket and can just as easily cancel or reschedule.

Kivra - smart appointments

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