Election information – now in Kivra

Voting should be easy. Therefore, those with a digital mailbox will receive information on how to vote in advance and how to do it on election day. Valmyndigheten (the Election Authority) will send this info in Kivra on August 17-22. Here’s a simple guide to voting.

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How the voting card works

Anyone entitled to vote will receive a physical voting card by mail. You only need to use it if you vote in advance. If you vote on election day, you only need to bring your ID. Put simply,it’s because there is no voter register in place during the early voting. The election envelope, therefore, must to be sent together with the voting card to your polling station on election day.

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Digital voting cards are just two years away

The good news is that all this voting card hassle will soon be over. Starting from the EU election 2024, all Kivra users will receive their voting cards digitally. From then on, you’ll only need to bring your mobile phone, and you’re all set.

Important dates for this year's election

Want a quick run-through on the basics? Here’s what you need to know.

If you wish to vote early

Want to skip the waiting? Everyone entitled to vote will receive their voting card no later than August 24. On the same day, early voting opens in Sweden. You can vote early anytime between August 24 and September 11.

If you vote at a polling station

Those who want to vote on election day will have to wait until September 11. Polling stations open at 8 a.m. and close at 8 p.m.

If you vote from abroad

Do you live abroad? The first thing you may need to check is whether you are on the electoral roll and therefore allowed to vote from abroad. If you’re not, you need to register for the voter register with the Tax Agency no later than August 12. Remember to do this every ten years as long as you live abroad.

No later than July 23, the foreign voting card will be sent to Swedish expats. On July 28, you can cast your vote. Would you rather vote locally? From August 18, you can vote early at Swedish consulates and embassies abroad.

If you vote by courier

Will someone assist you with your vote? On August 18, you can start preparing your vote by courier in Sweden. You can then hand in the vote at a voting station from August 24.

How does the count work?

Now the counting begins – it starts as soon as the polling stations close on September 11. The following day, the County Administrative Board begins the final vote count. The votes for the parliament are counted first, then the municipal council, and then the regional council. Last but not least, the municipalities' election boards will count all late early votes on September 14.

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Unsure how to vote?

Check out SVT’s election compass (swedish page) and find out which parties and parliamentary candidates match your views.

Frequently asked questions

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