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Tax refunds – what you need to know

It's closing in. Get Kivra by March 5 and the tax return will arrive between March 6-10. Do you wish to get the refund as soon as possible? We’ll tell you how.

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When can you get your tax refund?

Pretty soon, actually. In order to receive it as soon as possible, i.e. April 5-6, you need to approve your declaration without any changes or additions by March 30 at the latest. Make sure you have a registered bank account at the Tax Agency or in the app so the money has somewhere to go.

Return dates

The date of when to receive your tax refund depends, among other things, on when you declare and whether you make any changes and additions or depending on when you approve the declaration in the first place.

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April 5-6, 2023

Applies to you who are going to get money back and declare without additions or changes by March 30.

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June 8-9, 2023

Applies to you who have made changes or additions to your declaration and declared no later than 2 May.

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What is a tax refund?

Sometimes you may have paid too much tax in the previous year, meaning you then can get money back. Everything you need to know will be in your final tax statement, which you will receive at different times depending on when you declare.

How to get your money

If you’ve registered your bank account with the Tax Agency, the money will be automatically transfered there. If not, your money remains in your tax account until you request that it be paid out to you.

You who have e-identification can report your account number on My pages at the Swedish Tax Agency, or in the e-service Skattkonto. Alternatively, in connection with your declaration in the e-service Inkomstdeklaration or in the Swedish Tax Agency's app.

If you have not registered a bank account, you need to subsequently register a bank account with the Tax Agency. You can do this on My pages at the Swedish Tax Agency or in the e-service Skattekonto. When your account number is registered, you log in to the e-service Tax Account to request the payment.

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