Digital tax returns – faster than on paper

Here we have gathered what you need to know about digital tax returns in Kivra.

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Benefits with digital tax returns

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Faster than on paper

You get your tax returns already in early March. It’s quicker than paper mail.

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Always accessible

Your tax return is always available in Kivra, and you are notified as soon as it is in your inbox.

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Good for the environment

Think about all the tax return forms that are sent out each year. And how many trees can be saved when more people are using a digital mailbox. With Kivra you make an active choice for the environment.

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When are the tax returns here?

If you get Kivra by February 24th at the latest, your digital tax return will arrive between March 2nd-7th. If you don’t have a digital mailbox, and get your tax return on paper, you will get it sometime between March 15th and April 15th. The same goes for you who have turned off Myndighetspost or Skatteverket as senders in Kivra.

Dates to keep track of 2022

  • February 24th is the last day to create an account at Kivra to get your tax return digitally.
  • March 2nd-7th is when your tax return is sent out to your digital mailbox. It’s sent out as a PDF that looks like your normal tax return.
  • March 15th is the earliest date for filing and sending in your tax return.
  • March 30th is the last day to approve your tax return in the Skatteverket app or other e-service to receive an early payout.
  • April 5th-8th is when the final tax notice arrives, and money is paid out.

Find more information at Skatteverket.

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When will you get the tax refund?

If you have filled your tax return digitally by March 30th you will get your tax refund by April 5th-8th. Provided that you haven’t added or changed anything on your tax return.

How to fill your tax returns at Skatteverket

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Your tax return form

With Kivra you get your tax return form digitally. When your form has arrived, it is time to fill your tax return.

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Checking and approving

You file your tax return by going through the form and checking that all information is correct. Then you approve the tax return in the Skatteverket e-service or app. It’s easy to do with BankID.

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Additions or changes

If you have sold your home or stocks during the year, or if you are a business owner, you need to make additions and changes in your tax return. Read more about it at Skatteverket.

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Final tax notice

Skatteverket goes through your information and the final tax for the year is calculated. The information is presented in your final tax notice.

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Changes in your taxes

Refunds are paid out to you directly if you have reported a bank account to Skatteverket. If you have back taxes, it is paid to Skatteverket via Bankgirot or Swish.

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Are you a business owner?

Find out more about digital tax returns and Kivra’s Business Mailbox.

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