Sports Mailbox

Imagine everything you like with Kivra, but for your confederation or your club. A separate place for important stuff. A place that leaves more time for what is important - sports. With the Sports Mailbox, confederations and clubs have the opportunity to easily send and receive information in a sustainable and secure way - free of charge.

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Secure communication in one and the same channel. Everything protected with Mobile BankID.


The Sports mailbox is linked to the covenant or club. Not people.


Your important stuff collected where they are always available.

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Swedish Sports Confederation + Kivra = Sports Mailbox

Kivra, in dialogue with the Swedish Sports Confederation, has developed the Sports Mailbox, a mailbox for confederations and clubs within the sports movement.

The sports mailbox is a free service that verifies users towards the Swedish Sports Confederation and the register in IdrottOnline.

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You don't lose anything, even if the board or staff changes. Storing important papers in binders is unsafe and intricate, with the Sports Mailbox everything is gathered in one place. Everyone involved has access to it, and can therefore work anywhere. A freer and safer solution for the entire association.

Kjell Folkesson, Secretary General of the Swedish Aviation Confederation. Photographer Jan Andersson

Sports Mailbox in one minute

A new communication channel for the Swedish sports movement step by step

Get started with the Sports Mailbox


Get Kivra

To create the Sports Mailbox, you need to get Kivra as a private person.

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Begin registration with IdrottOnline

Registration begins with IdrottOnline, where you can also ensure that all information about company signatories is correct.

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Create the Sports Mailbox

Through IdrottOnline, you who start the registration of the Sports Mailbox will be forwarded to Kivra.


Complete the registration

Have you received an email that registration has begun?

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Have you received an email of that a registration has begun?

Sign and finish the registration here:


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  • Why does registration begin with IdrottOnline?

  • I have received an email that the Sports Mailbox has been created. What am I doing now?