More than 5.8 million users. Over a 95 percent opening rate. Faster payments than anywhere else. Flexibility, statistics & overview. These are just some of the reasons why Kivra is the best communication tool for the insurance industry.

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A safer way to communicate

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Ikano Bank started using Kivra to communicate digitally with their customers back in 2018, and now 80 percent of their mailings go through Kivra. A change that is completely in line with their goal of becoming paperless by the year 2025.

We do not have a direct inbox in our "my pages", which has meant that we have had to send out communications, for example interest rate adjustments or invoices, via physical mail. Today, the mail doesn't feel as secure anymore either, so we felt it was time to take the step and digitize our communication, says Lars Bengtsson, Output Manager Operations Services

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The company's home in Kivra

Sender Portal helps you to be seen even better in Kivra. In the Sender portal, you can create campaigns, view statistics, update contact details and customize the company's visual identity. Here you control the company's presence in Kivra.

Easy to get started

Getting started with Kivra is super easy! Depending on what you want to send, there are different routes to take - here are three of them.

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Contact your Integration Partner

If you already send letters, invoices or other things through an integration partner, you can contact them and they will help you get started.

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Activate in your payroll system

If you want to send out payslips through Kivra, you can easily activate it in your current salary system. Kivra is connected to all major payroll systems in the Nordics.

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Contact us directly

You can always contact us directly and we will help you get started.

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Payments in Kivra

Smooth. Quick. Flexible. There are lots of reasons to go through us, here are a few.

Flexible for everyone

Your customers can choose how they want to pay. We offer several different flexible and award-winning payment solutions.

Faster payments

Kivra has an unmatched opening rate and a large percentage of our users pay their invoices immediately.

Smooth for the customer

Whether your customers want to use Swish or other payment solutions, they can count on a fast and smooth experience.

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