Faster payment for energy companies

Kivra's payment service solves one of the major challenges for energy companies. We help you get paid faster. At the same time you get more satisfied customers.

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Get paid faster with us

A month later or right now? Our solutions makes it easier to pay, which means that a large amount of our users pay their invoice directly.

Better for everyone involved. It doesn't get any harder than that!

Better liquidity

Customers pay faster in Kivra – almost 50% on average. Which means that we are solving one of the major challenges in the industry.

Fewer missed payments

We make it difficult to miss a payment. Your customers receive notifications through text message or email, depending on what suits them best.

Communicate directly

Take the opportunity to communicate about things that are particularly important to you as a company. New services, campaigns & forms and much more.

Within E.ON, we want to make it easier for our customers by offering flexible digital solutions. For many years we have distributed invoices via Kivra and with an increased awareness, we have taken the next step by also distributing invoice reminders via Kivra

Mikael Bladh, Head of Back Office at E.ON

Promotions & Marketing


As a company, you get access to Kivra's campaign tool, Campaigns. In Campaigns, you can create your own communication areas. Take advantage of the opportunity to communicate directly with customers. The invoice is one of the few occasions where you can reach out to all customers with branding, selling or informational messages.

In Campaigns you can, among other things:

  • Time campaigns
  • Follow statistics
  • Segment by social security number
  • Direct customers to My Pages

Sender portal – your home in Kivra

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Via the Sender Portal, the company gets access to all tools, including Campaigns. Here you can also tailor the company's presence in Kivra. For example, add the company logo. Also add contact routes for your customers by, for example, directing them to support, the website, My Pages or social media.

Avsändarportal - GodEl case

This is how GodEl did it

GodEl uppdated their profile page in Kivra with both images and direct contact paths for their customers. This has led to a decrease in support cases, closer customer relations, and increased traffic to relevant channels.

"Our profile page is a great way for us to get closer to our customers in Kivra. With a few simple settings in the Sender portak, traffic has increased when customers are using Kivra while simultaneously being able to direct them to help pages and customer service."

Adam Lodin, Online manager at GodEl.