Reach your debtors digitally

With an opening rate better than all alternatives and 5.8 million users a click away, Kivra is a natural choice for Sweden's debt collection company.

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Receive payments faster in Kivra

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Five days before the due date – this is how early invoices sent in Kivra are paid on average. Eight percent of them are paid the same day they are sent out – the fastest payment of any method available. In other words, you can expect better cash flow, higher liquidity and available capital when needed.

Get paid even faster with Swish

When possible, the majority of customers choose to pay with Swish. Payment is made an average of one day earlier in comparison to other methods. In some places about 60 percent of payments are made within five days of dispatch.

What can you send through Kivra?

Debt collection demands, invoices and reminders to customers or debtors. Payslips to your employees? Whatever it is, you send it most smoothly through Kivra.

Debt collection demand

Sending debt collection demands through Kivra results in an increased opening rate and willingness to pay from your debtors.


With automatic and logical reminders, you can be sure that your customers and debtors never miss or forget an invoice or debt collection demand.


Lowell increased accessibility with Kivra's single sign-on

"When Kivra offered SSO, we saw it as a no-brainer to connect it to our self-service portal. We immediately saw a sharp increase in customers clicking on the banner to be logged in at Mitt Lowell."

Let customers decide

Everyone has different preferences. In Kivra, you can let your customers and debtors decide for themselves how they want to handle their demands and invoices.

Swish or bank payment.

Add Swish and keep bank payment as an option. Let your customers choose themselves - completely hassle-free.

Flexible dates.

Customers can pay immediately, on the due date or choose their own date.

Partial payment.

Make it easy for customers. With partial payments, they can choose for themselves whether they want to pay the entire invoice, divide it into pre-selected amounts or choose their own amounts.

Can Swish create the experience of a safer debt collection?

At Lowell, the answer is yes. Since connecting to Swish in 2015, they have had happier customers, increased transparency and faster payments. Now they take the next step and offer the payment method in Kivra.

A healthy credit market. Three words that sum up Lowell's goal as a debt collection company. To achieve this, we continuously work with various initiatives that look after the end customer and their individual financial situation. And making it simple and flexible to pay the debt collection demand is an important part of the process.

Swish makes a difference

Lowell introduced Swish back in 2015 – something that made a big difference to customer satisfaction. Much thanks to the fact that the agent can see the payment directly during the call, which in itself gives customers a sense of security and control. Therefore, it was natural for Lowell to be quick on the ball when Swish payments in Kivra appeared.

Kivra has a good reputation and in Sweden we trust the platform almost as much as we trust Mobile BankID. We also knew long before that the customer journey would be so much better with Swish - and that doesn't come from us, but from the end customers. Therefore, we were very curious to see the outcome of Swish payments in Kivra, says Jens Lindeblad, Head of Digital and Innovation at Lowell.

A win-win for everyone

The number of Swish payments in Kivra increased like an avalanche right from the start. After just one month, over 60 percent of the payments went through Swish, which has had a positive effect for all parties. Both Lowell and their client get paid faster, while we simplified the payment for the end customer - who can immediately breathe a sigh of relief and feel that it is all done.

Today, customers expect Swish to be available as a payment method. If you want to be the one who drives the industry in terms of simplicity, flexibility and customer journey, this is a must, concludes Jens Lindeblad.

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Better communication with Kivra Forms

Simple question or full survey? With the Form service, you open up two-way communication and can collect valuable feedback.

Easy to get started

Getting started with Kivra is super easy! Depending on what you want to send, there are different routes to take - here are three of them.

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Contact your Integration Partner

If you already send letters, invoices or other things through an integration partner, you can contact them and they will help you get started.

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Activate in your payroll system

If you want to send out payslips through Kivra, you can easily activate it in your current salary system. Kivra is connected to all major payroll systems in the Nordics.

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Contact us directly

You can always contact us directly and we will help you get started.

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