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Good news! Now you can reach most of the population in Kivra. Smart, safe and kind to the environment.

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Why send in Kivra?

More and more people want their important stuff in Kivra - not the least from those of you who want to improve the world.

Everyone knows you are you

In an increasingly insecure digital environment, we offer a safe bubble. When you send in Kivra, your members can rest in the knowledge that you are actually you, and that what is sent is to be trusted.

Reach out quickly and widely

Most of the population wants their important stuff in Kivra. With us you reach the majority of Kivra's 5.7 million users on one board.

A sustainable solution

No question marks, no fallen trees. Smart, safe and kind to the environment.

Everyone deserves safe mail

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We open up for more

In an age of deception, hoax texts and unclear links, we think it's more important than ever to offer everyone a safe, stable channel. That is why we are opening up for organizations like yours, where you may have email addresses but no social security number. Now an email address is enough to reach your members through us. This enables continued secure matching in Kivra, even without access to the recipient's social security number. Thus, the change is in how the matching is done and not in what type of information is sent in Kivra.

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No social security number? No problem

Do you have email addresses but no social security number? This has previously been an obstacle for many who want to send in Kivra. But not anymore! We are so excited to welcome even more shippers on board. Get in touch with us and we'll help you get started in no time!

What can you send?

We help you get started

It's quick and easy. Let's talk about how we can help you! Contact us and we'll talk.