Improve the healthcare experience with us

Did you know that almost the entire healthcare experience can take place in Kivra? From bookings and health forms to test results and receipts. A new way to take care of your patients – all the way.

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Increased care for the patient

Keeping track of everything related to the healthcare appointment can be a challenge. With us, you can offer the patient an easier, safer healthcare journey. They gets access to everything from bookings to test results with a single login.

Less waste of resources and a reduced workload

Avoid bookings getting lost in the mail, missed doctor's appointments and time-consuming administration. Send everything in one channel and be sure that the right information reaches the right person at the right time.

A secure channel for sensitive information

We are a wise choice in terms of integrity – in Kivra nothing goes astray. All content is encrypted and verified with Mobilt BankID.

Discover the healthcare journey in Kivra

How much better could your patient contact be?


Unilabs and Kivra – a story of success with fewer missed appointments

Unilabs is one of Sweden's largest private healthcare providers with, among other things, receptions in mammography and radiology. In the work to digitize their communication with patients, they currently use Kivra. Something that led to both a reduction in missed bookings and more satisfied customers.

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Reach patients where they already are

Most of the population actively uses Kivra. When you send with us, you can be sure that the content will arrive and be read. We have an opening rate of 95 percent and know that our users regularly log in and take part in their content. With us, you reach the patients where they already are, without delays and unnecessary administration. There is much to be gained from fast and secure communication – smoother processes, better planning and happier patients are just some of the benefits.

Digital communication – easier for everyone

The possibilities are endless, the benefits many. Managing patient contact digitally makes the healthcare journey better for everyone.

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A more effective healthcare

Simplifying communication is a simple way to make the business more efficient.

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Fewer missed visits

When patients themselves can add bookings to their calendar, the risk of missed visits is reduced.

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Shorter queues

A smoother process both saves money for you as a care provider but also greatly reduces healthcare queues.

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Satisfied patients

Improved communication provides a better patient experience. The patient feels cared for throughout the process.

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Smooth feedback

With forms in Kivra, you can, among other things, ask questions, conduct surveys or update information.

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Reach 5.8 million people with us.

We are the obvious choice, no matter what you want to communicate. Out of our over 5.8 million users, 99 percent have been active in the last three months. With us, you can send letters, invoices, pay stubs, reservations, signatures, and receipts, among other things.