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Over 5.8 million users and an unprecedented opening rate have made Kivra a matter of course for Sweden's banks. Over ninety-five percent of everything sent through Kivra is opened and the majority of it is acted upon within 5 days – eight percent of flyers & invoices sent through Kivra are paid immediately.


SBAB, the Swedish State Bank, on sustainable post

"With Kivra, we have become more eco-friendly, and can offer a higher level of accessibility and security." Read the full story of SBAB (in Swedish).


A smooth solution

There are many reasons to work with Kivra. For us, it is primarily about a high degree of familiarity, simplicity and operational reliability. Most people know how Kivra works and are confident with the service. Having everything in one place facilitates and saves time. With Kivra, you avoid lead times and delays – the customer receives the invoice directly in their digital mailbox. In addition, we can easily follow the invoice and see that it really arrives. A flexible solution for both us and our customers!

Elisabeth Beskow, CEO DNB Bank Sweden

Easy to get started

Getting started with Kivra is super easy! Depending on what you want to send, there are different routes to take - here are three of them.

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Contact your Integration Partner

If you already send letters, invoices or other things through an integration partner, you can contact them and they will help you get started.

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Activate in your payroll system

If you want to send out payslips through Kivra, you can easily activate it in your current salary system. Kivra is connected to all major payroll systems in the Nordics.

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Contact us directly

You can always contact us directly and we will help you get started.

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