Smart customization of your mailings

In Kivra, you can type your mailings based on document type. In this way, you can tailor the user experience. An experience that becomes even better thanks to the possibility of responsive design.

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Customize the experience

Responsive content

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Make the mailings more engaging

Nobody enjoys zooming in and out of PDF files. With responsive content, the material adapts to the reader's screen size, resulting in a more visually pleasing appearance on all digital devices.

This provides better conditions for an excellent user experience and increased readability. Additionally, it is possible to include links and interactive components, further enhancing the engagement with the content.

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Studentkortet modernizes its brand and increases conversion rate with Kivra.

Studentkortet's mission is to enhance the student life in Sweden by offering discounts on clothing, food, and technology through the Studentkortet app. When they switched to communicating with students via Kivra instead of traditional mailings in 2016, they were able to modernize their brand, increase conversion rates, and stand out from their competitors.

Benefits of responsive mailings

Adapts to the recipient's screen

The content is not displayed as a PDF.

An overview with read more-buttons

Makes it easier to find your way around.

Interactive components

Makes the content more alive.

Supports accessibility

Compatible for speech synthesis, for example.

Dark and light screen mode

Customizable components.


The document is available in its entirety.

More ways to improve the customer experience

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Payment services

Offer different payment options

When you send invoices in Kivra, you can let customers choose the form of payment, based on what they prefer. You can easily get started with Swish as an alternative to bank payment. In addition, it is possible to offer flexible dates and partial payment.

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Create campaigns and keep track of statistics

Get insights on mailings

Sender Portal helps you to be seen even better in Kivra. In the sender portal, you can create campaigns, view statistics, update contact details and customize the company's visual identity. Here you control the company's presence in Kivra.

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Ask questions, get answers

We offer several smart ways to interact with the company's customers. Take the chance to straighten out customers' question marks as soon as they are formed - in Kivra. Something that is easy thanks to the Campaigns tool and services such as forms, chat and contact routes.

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Get started with smart mailings

It's easier than you think. You are most welcome to contact us if you have questions or want to know more.