Payslips in Kivra with Agda PS

Do like thousands of other employers. Reduce administration and send payslips digitally in Kivra. Safe, sustainable and flexible.

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Smooth for the organization.

Choose a well-proven, fast, and seamless solution. A win-win for everyone.

Simple for the employee.

The payslip goes with you everywhere and can be accessed anytime, anywhere. It stays available as long as you want, even if you change jobs.

Safe for everyone.

No question marks! With us, everything is sent and stored in an encrypted environment, securely behind BankID.

How it works

A hand holding a mobile phone with a payslip in Kivra's app on the screen.

All of Visma's salary systems are integrated into Kivra for sending payslips. Always send to all employees. Those who register Kivra later will receive a retroactive delivery. Simple for both employees and employers.

Sending payslips in Kivra is a safe choice.

Since payslips contain personal data, security is important. Here we explain what applies to you as an employer to send payslips in Kivra.

How to get started


Get the Kivra integration

Contact and order your Kivra integration via Visma. Visma then activates the function for you to send payslips in Kivra.

Read more at Visma

Order at Kivra

Order setup at Kivra and accept Kivra's General Terms and Conditions and Personal Data Protection Agreement. We then activate the solution and you try it out.

Order here

All done! Spread the word

Now you can start sending payslips in Kivra. To receive payslips, the employee needs to create an account with us.

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Get started with digital payslips
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Akademibokhandeln and Bokus send payslips in Kivra

At the start of 2019, Bokhandelsgruppen started sending digital payslips via Kivra to its employees. Here, Anita and Anders talk about their experiences of the transition. "When the GDPR came into effect, we realized that it was easy and safe to send the payslips in Kivra,"


Learn more about Kivra

Kivra is more than just payslips. Much more, actually. Digital invoices, receipts, letters - the list is long. Are you curious about how we can help you? Click here to learn more about Kivra.


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  • What is the cost of sending e-payslips with Kivra?

  • How does the transition to e-payslip work for our employees?

  • What If an employee is unable to have Kivra?

  • What if our payment system is not compatible with Kivra?