Can an invoice contribute to a better customer experience? With us, the answer is yes. It's about more than just payments. Sell more, get more loyal customers, improve cash flow and get fewer calls to customer service - everyone wins with invoices in Kivra.


Why send invoices in Kivra?

Two out of three Swedes use Kivra for their invoices. With Kivra, the invoices you send reaches the intended receiver safely through BankID. A better solution for all parties!

Strengthened customer relationship

Smooth communication and a superior opening rate increase customer loyalty and makes it easier for you.

Increase upselling

With the customers already in place, integrated campaign areas and a range of different payment options dramatically increase your opportunities for upselling.

Quicker payment

Smarter invoice management leads to greater cash flow and increased liquidity.

Better customer service

Relieve your customer service! Contact routes, FAQs and chats directly in Kivra makes it easier for both you and the customers.

Receive payments faster in Kivra

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Five days before the due date – this is how early invoices sent in Kivra are paid on average. Eight percent of them are paid the same day they are sent out – the fastest payment of any method available. In other words, you can expect better cash flow, higher liquidity and available capital when needed.

Get paid even faster with Swish

When possible, the majority of customers choose to pay with Swish. Payment is made an average of one day earlier in comparison to other methods. In some places about 60 percent of payments are made within five days of dispatch.

Digi B2B

Reach other businesses through Kivra

You are now able to reach over 166.000 companies and associations with the same infrastructure as Kivra for private individuals. Be confident that your invoice or letter reaches the right person at the right company - send it quickly, securely, and environmentally friendly through Kivra. Of course, you can expect the same high opening rate as on the private side.


Paying bills in Kivra is about to get easier now.

About time! Soon you will be able to make payments with just a single verification. We are working tirelessly to simplify our payment service, understanding that there have been too many verifications required in some cases. It has simply been due to our rigorous security measures and several technical details in the connection between us and the banks. But now, things are going to improve! Starting from now until the end of the year, bank after bank will go live with a single verification in Kivra. Moreover, you will also be able to pay multiple bills with just one click. Thank you for your patience!


Swish in Kivra - win-win for everybody

After just one month, over 60 percent of payments in Kivra went through Swish, which has had a positive effect on all parties - Lowell, their client and customer.

Increased customer loyalty


It's about more than just payments – for many companies, the invoice is the only regular contact they have with their customers. With an opening rate of 95 percent, we can offer both an efficient and reliable communication channel.

Tailored Channel - Big Impact

We make it easy to strengthen the ties to your customers. With us, you get your own company page in Kivra, with most of your mailings opened there. It is where you meet your customers and where you can create effective communication. In Kivra, you can use campaign areas on the invoice to easily reach out with current communication or additional sales.

Better customer service

Customer service can cost money, but unhappy customers cost more - we offer a solution to both problems. Improve for both customers and employees with our smart contact paths.


Relieve customer service with an FAQ. Send as a direct link in the invoice and help customers find answers on their own.

Link to My pages

Offer 24/7 service by sending a direct link to 'My Pages'. With the help of SSO (single sign-on), your customers are also immediately logged in with you when linked.

All contact through Kivra

Now your customers can call you through us. Link to all your contact channels in Kivra for smoother and more direct communication.

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