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Customize the content in Kivra and create a better experience for the company's customers. Our services contribute with mailings, payment services, format and appearance and much more.

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Four ways to improve the customer experience

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Payment services

Offer different payment options

When you send invoices in Kivra, you can let customers choose the form of payment, based on what they prefer. You can easily get started with Swish as an alternative to bank payment. In addition, it is possible to offer flexible dates and partial payment.

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Create campaigns and keep track of statistics

Get insights on mailings

Sender Portal helps you to be seen even better in Kivra. In the sender portal, you can create campaigns, view statistics, update contact details and customize the company's visual identity. Here you control the company's presence in Kivra.

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Ask questions, get answers

We offer several smart ways to interact with the company's customers. Take the chance to straighten out customers' question marks as soon as they are formed - in Kivra. Something that is easy thanks to the Campaigns tool and services such as forms, chat and contact routes.

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Customize your message

Customize your message

In Kivra, you can type your mailings based on document type. In this way, you provide tailoring of the user experience. It is also possible to make the mailings more engaging by creating responsive content, so that the experience is adapted to the customers' computer or mobile.

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Reach 5.8 million people with us.

We are the obvious choice, no matter what you want to communicate. Out of our over 5.8 million users, 99 percent have been active in the last three months. With us, you can send letters, invoices, pay stubs, reservations, signatures, and receipts, among other things.

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Dafgårds: Increased dialogue with payslips in Kivra

Dafgårds has saved a lot of time when passwords to the portal no longer need to be saved. Kivra has also contributed to an increased dialogue with employees regarding payslips, which has been positive.

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