Tens of thousands of organisations in Sweden already use Kivra. It's fast, safe and good for the enviroment. Contact us and we will help you get started.

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Why is this a good idea?

On the customer's terms

5.8 million Swedes and more than 166,000 entrepreneurs want their mail in Kivra. Since they have chosen the channel themselves, you also achieve a very high opening rate.


All data sent with Kivra is encrypted. Mobile BandID is required to open all kinds of letters, meaning no one unauthorized can access your information.


A letter in Kivra is more than just a digital letter. With us, everything becomes a little smoother, for both you and the customers.

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Full control over your statistics

Will the mail be opened and read? With us, you get full control and can easily follow your mailing statistics.

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Quicker payments

Five days before the due date – this is how early invoices sent in Kivra are paid on average. Read more here

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Customised announcements

You have controll over structure and layout. You can also easily connect clickable banners and campaigns.

Invoices in Kivra

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Can an invoice contribute to a better customer experience? With us, the answer is yes. It is about more than just payments. Sell more, get more loyal customers, improve cash flow, get fewer calls to customer service and capture valuable feedback - everyone wins with invoices in Kivra.

Digi B2B

Reach other businesses through Kivra

You are now able to reach over 166.000 companies and associations with the same infrastructure as Kivra for private individuals. Be confident that your invoice or letter reaches the right person at the right company - send it quickly, securely, and environmentally friendly through Kivra. Of course, you can expect the same high opening rate as on the private side.


E.ON on digital customer-communication

"We need to be in the forums where our customers are..."

How to get started

Welcome aboard! We're soon underway. There are two ways to connect to Kivra, and both are simple.


1. Check with your integration partner

The easiest way to connect to Kivra is by checking if you already send your letters and invoices with a connected integration partner.


2. Check with us directly

If not, we can work it out anyway. Get in touch with us and we will help you further.

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