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At Kivra, the goal is to find the solutions that suit your industry. So that your company also could benefit from the potential of Kivra. A service that reaches more than half of Sweden's population.

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For municipalities and authorities

With Kivra, your municipality can communicate digitally in new and innovative ways. We contribute with tools that simplify everyday life for citizens and help you in digitization. Tools such as digital mail, invoices, salary specifications, letters and invitations.

The solution with Kivra grew out of a need to reduce the municipality's costs for physical letters.

– Helena Ljunggren, Head of Finance Lidköping municipality

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For energy companies

Faster payment and happier customers
Kivra's payment service solves one of the major challenges as an energy company. We help you get paid faster. In Kivra, half of our 5,7 million users pay their invoice the moment it arrives. This means better liquidity for you as an energy company.

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E.ON makes it easier for customers

Within E.ON, we want to make it easier for our customers by offering flexible digital solutions. We have been distributing invoices via Kivra for many years.

Mikael Bladh, Head of Back Office at E.ON

Äldre kvinna får hjälp av sköterska att titta i mobil.

For healthcare companies

Bookings directly in Kivra
With Kivra, it becomes easier to reach the right patients at the right time, with higher quality and fewer missed visits as a result. As healthcare becomes more accessible at the same time. Patients receive notifications to ensure they don't miss a message. And can add their bookings to their calendar themselves.

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Aleris uses resources in the right way

A flexible and safe way to ensure that invitations reach the right person on time. And contributes to us using healthcare resources wisely.

Martin Irding, responsible for business development and digitization in Aleris healthcare Sweden


For housing companies

Do you want to send flyers to tenants, payslips to your employees or information to companies in your premises? Kivra is the easiest way to do it.


For Banking & Finance

More than 5,7 million users and an unprecedented opening rate have made Kivra a matter of course for Sweden's banks. Letters and invoices to your customers or payslips to your employees - regardless of what you want to send, you can do it most easily through Kivra.

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For debt collection

With an opening rate better than all other alternatives and 5.7 million users a click away, Kivra is a natural choice for Sweden's debt collection company.

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For insurance companies

More than five and a half million users. More than ninety-five percent of an opening rate. Faster payments than anywhere else. Flexibility, statistics & overview. These are just some of the reasons why Kivra is the best communication tool for the insurance business.

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