Pricelist Kivra+ Business

Current pricelist

  • Start cost: 950 SEK for activating the service
  • Monthly cost: 99 SEK (includes: 10 scanned letters/month)
  • Scanning: 7 SEK/scanned letter
  • Retrieve original: 100 SEK plus postage*
  • Home delivery: 20 SEK plus postage*
  • Handling of terminated Kivra+ Business account: 490 SEK per hour. In cases a user doesn't change address after terminated Kivra+ Business account, Kivra has the right to charge a fee. This to cover the cost for contact and administration regarding suppliers that still send their letter to the inactivated Kivra+ address.

*Postage is calculated on the basis of Postnord's current pricing.

All prices are excluding VAT. Changes in pricing may occur, users will be informed at least 3 months before an eventual change.

Upcoming price list

Upcoming price list

We are currently working on an exciting development of our services within Kivra + Business. The news will be launched in the future and as part of this development we will also update how we charge. Our ambition is to launch the first new services already this autumn. We will of course notify you as a user well in advance of our launch. Below you see our upcoming price list which will apply to existing services, but not earlier than 2021 08 05.

The scanning service

  • Scanning and interpretation of Original Shipments: SEK 9.90 per Original Shipment
  • Collection of Original shipment from archive and mailing to Delivery address1: 150 SEK per Original shipment
  • Dispatch of unscannable items to Delivery address: SEK 150 per unscanned item + postage2 Handling of received Original shipment after the notice period: SEK 9.90 per Original shipment
  • Other orders or measures are charged as manual work: SEK 590 per hour

The email service

  • Receipt and interpretation of e-mail: SEK 4.90 per e-mail with attachment

The interpreting service

  • Interpretation of E-items3: SEK 1.50 per E-item

1 Applies if the User can refer to the pagination number on the E-shipment

2 Postage is calculated on the basis of Postnord's current postage table

3 Applies to E-shipments received from Senders sent directly in Kivra

All prices are stated excluding VAT. The price list may change. The user will be informed 45 days before any price adjustment.