Connect Accountec to Kivra

Accountec's agency portal contains a number of smart services that facilitate the work of the accounting agency. With an integration to Kivra, the digital mail flows seamlessly into the customer's inbox for further processing.

Accountec hero

Make it easy!

Don't miss anything important

Official mail and other important items from Kivra automatically flow into Accountec for easy overview and further management.

You decide

You decide whether you want to read your documents in Kivra or directly in Accountec.

Only important mail

In Accountec, you can reach out to everyone who has a digital mailbox with Kivra. Communicate efficiently and securely and reduce your postage costs from day one.

This is how it works


Create a Kivra business account


Activate the integration in Accountec


Activate the integration with Kivra (under: settings -> sharing and integrations -> integrations -> create new integration -> Accountec

Create an account on Accountec

If you don't already have an Accountec account, you can get one here.