Life with our without a digital Business mailbox

Life as an entrepreneur can go from stressful and unstructured to organized and seamless with Kivra's Business Mailbox.

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Life as an entrepreneur without a digital business mailbox

✔️ You want to spend time growing the company and handling important issues, but you are forced to spend most of your time putting out fires.

✔️ You want to be able to work from wherever, but some processes still require you to be physically present.

✔️ You feel a little guilty because you are still handling so much paper and not working sustainably.

✔️ You don't know which receipts should be saved and when the accountant asks for documents, it takes time to find them.

✔️ And, it can easily become stressful to pay invoices or payments to the Tax Agency on time.

These are common scenarios for business owners today. But those who choose Kivra's business mailbox experience a different working day where daily administrative tasks suddenly becomes much smoother.

Life as an entrepreneur with a digital business mailbox

✔️ Thanks to no snail mail, you can work from home and save time commuting every day.

✔️ With the business mailbox, you don't lock yourself in with systems. If you choose to change accountants, accounting systems, etc., everything is available in Kivra.

✔️ By sharing the mailbox with an employee, you don't have to carry the administrative burden yourself, and can focus on growing the company instead.

✔️ Now that you have all mail digitally, everything is paid on time, without you having to worry about the mail arriving before due dates.

✔️ You don't need as many calls with the accountant, because the accountant can have access the business mailbox themselves.

✔️ By switching on the Fortnox integration, you will continue receiving your invoices via Fortnox, and will not have to spend time learning new processes.

✔️ As soon as a letter or receipt is needed, you have everything gathered in one place and can find what you are looking for immediately.

✔️ Because the Business Mailbox can be shared with all company signatories, no time is wasted in the organization, everyone finds what they need.

✔️ By changing physical mail to digital, you will have a clear conscience because you know that you are contributing to a more sustainable world.

What the Business mailbox can offer

The advantages with a Business mailbox are many. Included when you get the Business mailbox is, among other things:

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Mail from authorities and affiliated companies straight in the app

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Invoices straight in app

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You choose who in the organization gets access

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Upload important documents so that you gather everything in one place

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You contribute to a more sustainable world

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Integrations with, among other things, accounting systems so you can maintain current processes

Kivra Business+

Computer and mobile
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You receive an email address to be able to gather email invoices in Kivra

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You get a physical scanning address, which means that we scan all your physical mail and become digital

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More about Kivra Business+

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