Use Swish for payment in Kivra

Senders can now offer Swish as a payment method in Kivra. A greater chance of recipients paying their invoices on time which leads to better cash flow.

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Swish as payment method in Kivra

Swish has over 8 million private customers in Sweden - in other words a service most people are familiar with.

Three steps to get started in Swish

It is easy to get started with with Swish as a payment option. No additional technical setup is required. This is how you do it:


The sender contacts Kivra

Contact us to say that you want to get started with Swish as payment option on your invoices.


The sender contacts their bank

The sender informs the bank that they want to add Kivra as a technical supplier of Swish. If the sender hasn't used Swish as an option earlier, the bank will assist and communicate with Swish.


Kivra activates Swish payments for the sender's invoices in Kivra

Ready to use!

Contact us about Swish

Common questions and answers about Swish

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  • Does a sender need a new Swish number for Kivra if they are already using Swish?

  • What if a sender already has a technical supplier for Swish?