A developer’s introduction to Kivra

Welcome to Kivra! This guide explains what we are, and how we work with APIs, sandbox, and production.

What is Kivra?

Kivra is a great place for important documents. It lets users digitally receive and store letters, invoices, payslips, agreements, receipts and more. Safe, accessible and environmentally friendly.

Users can access their documents in the Kivra app and by logging in on our website.

Kivra’s APIs

We use the following APIs:

Tenant API

Use this API for:

Open Tenant API reference in new tab.

Receipt API

Use this API for sending receipts.

Open receipt API reference in new tab.

Legal API

Use this API to self-onboard other senders to Kivra, within the boundaries of your own software or interface. See documentation for legal API.

Kivra sandbox

See documentation for Kivra's sandbox environment.

Kivra production environment

See documentation for Kivra's production environment.

See also: Kivra for partners

You might also be interested in our partner site. It’s targeted to partners rather than developers, but it’s worth a visit.

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