Our sustainable core business model is our superpower. On top of that, Kivra is a climate-positive company.

Ikon föreställande ett hjärta.

Humanely easy

To make the right choice should be easy. Climate positive letters and receipts are kind to the climate. And good for you.

Ikon föreställande ett träd.

For the nature

To fell our forests to make envelopes and receipts doesn't make sense in a modern world. Instead, we preserve trees.

Ikon föreställande en jordglob med en ospecificerad plats utmärkt med knappnål.

A sustainable world

We believe that companies have a great responsibility in protecting our planet. Our contribution is to be sustainable and climate positive.

A sustainable core business model

Sustainability is at the very heart of Kivra, to which we have several approaches. Among others, it includes a sustainable business model and long term ownership. We always aim for »happy-happy«-solutions, meaning that everyone should benefit from our services.

But, there is more to it. We have chosen to become a climate-positive company. That makes us first in the world in offering climate-positive letters. For us, it was a natural step to take.

Without a doubt, the climate issue is among the most crucial we are facing, for several years to come. Many of us have to take a great deal of responsibility, and we believe that companies have among the most significant parts to play to save our planet.

Kivra's contribution is but a small piece of a big puzzle. Nevertheless, we hope to inspire other organisations to craft a sustainable business model and become climate-positive.

Climate-positive. How it works.

Becoming a climate-positive organisation consists of three steps – analysing, reducing and climate compensating. To do this, we contracted U&We, PwC and ZeroMission.


Analyse emissions of greenhouse gases

Emissions are calculated on the basis of ISO 14067 and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. The result is divided into three parts – scope 1, 2 and 3. It gives a complete picture of our climate impact.


Reduce emissions

The analysis reveals the most severe emission's origin. It gives us pre-requisites to take action.


Bind at least 110 % of emissions

We preserve the forests since trees can bind carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. We climate compensate for all our emissions, and on top of that, we bind another 10 % carbon dioxide.

Kivra's climate footprint

Our climate footprint in short

Results show that Kivra's negative impact on the climate is considerably small. In 2018, it was equal to 72 tons CO2e, or 0,98 g per consignment. Read the full version of the report.

Partitioning of Kivra's climate footprint:

  • Food and other consumables (25 %)
  • Procurement of electronic equipment (24 %)
  • Missons (14 %)
  • Power supply, headoffice (12 %)
  • Pension depositions to employees (12%)
  • Kivra's production (8,1). As an example, the energy to provide server and data center stands for 1,4 % of the total emisssions.
  • Kivra's production (8,1 %). As an example, the energy to provide server and data centre stands for 1,4 % of the total emissions.

We continuously decrease our emissions

Over the years, we have made several improvements. We now only use climate-friendly energy to supply our office and production. We avoid flying when not absolutely needed. And when food is provided at the office, it is mainly vegetarian alternatives.

We climate-compensate by preserving trees

For all our emissions, we climate compensate. On top of that, we bind at least another 10 % of carbon dioxide. It is mainly allocated to a preservation project on Sumatra. The Indonesian island has for many years been badly hurt through palm oil exploitation.

We have asked the experts at ZeroMisson to find the best climate project for us to support. Today we preserve trees. In the future, it might be something else. Learn more about our climate compensation..

Catalogue of climate-positive products

Clipop, short for Climate Positive Products, is an organisation that holds a register of climate-positive products and services. Kivra is the first company in the world, offering climate-positive letters.

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A continuous process

Kivra reached status as climate positive in December 2019. The processes took about four months, from analysis to survey and compensation. This page is not a static entry, and we will continuously update it with information about our never-ending climate dedication. Do you have questions or want to leave feedback? Henrik Höglin, Head of Communications, is looking forward to your inquiry.

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