At Kivra, we strive to make the whole environment benefit from our services. Not least the climate.

A sustainable system

Every year, over a billion enveloped letters are sent throughout Sweden. The negative impact on the environment is considerable. More than often, paper letters are just treasured up or put in yet another binder. We saw the need for a more convenient and sustainable way of handling letters and documents. That's why we created Kivra.

Over the years, we have extended our services to offer more than just digital letters. In 2020 we began the transformation from paper to digital receipts. Still, billions of receipts are printed every year – equivalent to 50 000 trees. We want to change that.

Our core idea is that digital letters and receipts make it easier for everyone. And at the same time, it is much more climate-friendly.

Sustainability is at the very heart of our company and is manifested in many aspects. Our business model itself reduces negative climate impact. We value long-term ownership and have among the highest level of security within our services. Since 2019, Kivra is a climate-positive company. We continue to push forward – always with the climate as our top priority.

The World's first climate positive letter distributer

Our superpower is our sustainable core business model. But for us, that was not enough. In 2019, Kivra achieved status as climate-positive, making us the first company globally, offering climate-positive post distribution.

Kivra and sustainability in media