Special terms and conditions for Kivra+

Valid from 15 October 2021 and onwards.

In case of any inconsistencies between the Swedish and the English version of these "Special terms and conditions for Kivra+", the Swedish version shall take precedence.

1. General information about Kivra+

These special terms and conditions (the "Terms") apply when Kivra Sverige AB, org. No. 556917-3544 or another company within the same group as Kivra Sverige AB ("Kivra"/"We"/"Us") provides an additional service for you as a private user at Kivra ("The User"/"You") to use additional functions and take action with letters, invoices, receipts and other documents ("Content") in your digital mailbox in addition to what is possible in the Service (hereinafter Kivra+).

For the use of Kivra+, these special conditions (the "Terms") apply. The Terms apply in addition to Kivra's general terms and conditions for the Service (“General Terms and Conditions”) which You approved in connection with the activation of your digital mailbox at Kivra.

Before You as a User can start using Kivra+, You need to read and accept the Terms. The User undertakes to follow the Terms and any other rules and regulations that Kivra publishes from time to time via Kivra+.

2. Access to Kivra+

2.1 Subscription

The User orders Kivra+ by starting a subscription in Google Play or in App Store. An agreement on Kivra+ shall be deemed to have been entered into between the User and Kivra when the purchase has been completed and the account has been approved by Kivra. Kivra+ is not available for Business Users.

2.2 Free trial period

Your subscription to Kivra+ can in some cases begin with a free trial period ("Trial Period"). The trial period lasts for as long as specified at the time of your registration and is intended to give Users an opportunity to test Kivra+.

When You register for a Trial Period, You also agree that You automatically switch to a monthly subscription when the time for the Trial Period expires, unless You terminate the subscription before the last day of the Trial Period. If You cancel your subscription before the last day of the Trial Period, You will not be charged and your subscription will not be renewed.

If You are offered a free Trial Period, Kivra intends to offer You this Trial Period only once. Therefore, Users who have already used a trial period offer may be prevented from using more trial periods. Kivra decides who is entitled to use an offer of a Trial Period and Kivra may limit who is granted such a right in order to prevent abuse and/or violation of the Terms. Kivra reserves the right to withdraw or terminate a Trial Period if Kivra, in its sole discretion, considers that a User is not authorized to use the Trial Period. The User does not have the right to combine the Trial Period offer with other offers.

3. Description of Kivra+

3.1 Features in Kivra+

Kivra+ enables Users to categorize Content, to scan and upload Content and to upload and make invoices payable in Kivra. Kivra strives to continuously develop Kivra+, and more functions may be added to Kivra+.

3.1.1 Categorization

In Kivra+, Users can categorize Content that the User has self uploaded or that has been sent to the User's digital mailbox from the Sender. The Users can create categories themselves or choose to use the categories provided by Kivra.

3.1.2 Scan and upload Content

In Kivra+, the User can scan and upload Content. The number of Content You can upload is limited to 1,000 Contents.

3.1.3 Scan, upload and pay invoices

In Kivra+, the User can scan, upload and make invoices payable. Kivra interprets the Content through text recognition and suggests which information should be entered as payment information. You as the User are responsible for the information being correct before You proceed with the payment.

Payment of invoices is regulated according to the Special Terms and Conditions for payments in Kivra via Tink.

3.2 Storage

The Content of your digital mailbox, including any actions You take with your Content, is stored for the time You have a subscription to Kivra+. During this time, You are responsible for which Content You choose to store or delete. The Content that is deleted will no longer be available to You.

Upon closing or terminating Kivra+ in accordance with Section 5, You will no longer have access to Kivra+ features. However, all Content will remain in the Service, and You can choose whether You want to keep storing or deleting Content and categories in your digital mailbox by deleting specific categories or Content. If You have submitted an invoice for payment, it will remain until the payment has been initiated.

3.3 Feedback

When You use Kivra+, You will be given the opportunity to provide feedback to Kivra about Kivra+ functions, user-friendliness, suggestions for improvements, etc. If You choose to provide feedback to Kivra, You agree that Kivra is free to use, share, reproduce, license or otherwise commercialize your feedback, and confirms that You have no reason to believe that the feedback You provide is covered by any patent, copyright or other intellectual property protection.

3.4 Changes in Kivra+

The functions that can be used from time to time via Kivra+ can vary over time. Kivra reserves the right to continuously develop, expand, restrict or otherwise change Kivra+ design, technical functions, systems and other components. Kivra may from time to time add new functionalities to Kivra+ without the prior approval of the User. All functionalities added to Kivra+ are covered by these Terms and to the extent that new functionalities entail changes in these Terms, the User will be informed in a manner chosen by Kivra.

3.5 Access rights

What is said about sharing a digital mailbox in the General Terms and Conditions only applies in part to Kivra+, as categories are not available for mailbox sharing.

4. Prices and payments

Kivra+ is provided for a fee. The price includes VAT and is stated on Kivra's website as well as in App Store and Google Play.

Payment is possible via in-app payments or other payment methods that Kivra informs You about from time to time. Note that the prices do not include any data traffic charges that your internet provider or telecom operator may charge according to your agreement with such provider/operator.

The subscription is paid monthly in advance until the subscription ends. Regarding the time of the monthly payment, You will be charged for the subscription every thirty (30th) days from the time You subscribe, or if the subscription begins with a Trial Period from the day after the end of such Trial Period, unless the subscription is terminated by You or Kivra before that time. In some cases, the time of debit may change, for example if it is not possible to confirm the validity of information regarding, for example, your chosen payment method and credit card information.

Kivra reserves the right to shut down your access to Kivra+ if payment cannot be made at the specified time. If this happens, You can reactivate access to Kivra+ by renewing your Kivra+ subscription.

Kivra reserves the right to change the price for future subscriptions with at least thirty (30) days written notice. Any price adjustments will in such a case be communicated to You via the app and/or via the contact information You provided when registering your account. You always have the right to cancel your subscription at the end of the subscription period for which You have paid. You accept such a price change by approving the new price at the next login or when continuing to use Kivra+.

5. Right of withdrawal

A User of Kivra+ has a fourteen (14) day right of withdrawal in accordance with the Act (2005:59) on distance contracts and contracts outside business premises. The right of withdrawal applies from the day You signed up for a subscription to Kivra+.

If You start using the functionalities in Kivra+, such as categorizing Content or otherwise using Kivra+, You thereby accept that the right of withdrawal as above is forfeited. Nevertheless, You will of course still have the opportunity to terminate Kivra+ in accordance with section 6 below.

If You wish to terminate Kivra+ during the right of withdrawal period, we recommend that You notify us through the Consumer Agency's form which is available at www.konsumentverket.se and that You send it to us from your email address registered in the Service. Of course, You can also choose to notify Kivra in another way that You wish to use the right of withdrawal to terminate your subscription.

6. Term and termination

The subscription to Kivra+ runs monthly from the time You start a subscription until the subscription is terminated by You or Kivra. This means that Kivra has the right to charge You for the coming months in accordance with these Terms unless You cancel the subscription.

To terminate Kivra+ before a new monthly period, You must cancel the subscription no later than the day before a new such monthly period begins, otherwise the subscription will continue and You will be charged for another month before it terminates.

To terminate Kivra+, visit Google Play or App Store and follow the instructions. If You need help terminating Kivra+, You can contact Kivra's support.

7. Processing of personal data

In order to be able to provide Kivra+ to You, Kivra needs to collect and process certain personal data about You, in addition to the processing of personal data that always takes place when You use your digital mailbox.

You will find information about Kivra's processing of personal data in all our services here.

You can read more about which personal data Kivra processes specifically to provide Kivra+ here.

When You use Kivra+, sensitive personal data can be introduced into the service, for example through the Content You choose to upload or how You name categories, read more here. It is not permitted to upload Content with sensitive personal data, or by other means introduce sensitive personal data in Kivra+ unless You as a User has given your consent to Kivra processing sensitive personal data about You. Consent can be given in connection with registration of Kivra+ or later via settings in the app.

8. Third party terms

8.1 Apple

If You have started your subscription in App Store or if You use Kivra+ on an iOS device, the following applies to the relationship with Apple Inc. ("Apple").

These Terms apply only between You and Kivra and not with Apple. Kivra, and not Apple, is responsible for Kivra+ and for providing support for the service.

You undertake to use Kivra+ and Kivra's app in accordance with Apple's applicable Terms and Conditions for App Store. You certify that You are not located in a country that is the subject of a US government embargo, or that has been designated by the US Government as a "terrorist supporting" country, and that You are not on any US government list of banned or restricted parties.

Apple is not responsible for any claims from You or any third party regarding Kivra+, including claims for product liability, claims that Kivra does not comply with applicable laws or regulations, claims based on consumer protection law or data protection law and claims regarding infringement of intellectual property rights. If Kivra does not fulfill its guarantees, You can inform Apple about it, whereby Apple only reimburses the purchase price of the app to You.

Apple and Apple's affiliates are third-party beneficiaries of these Terms and have the right to enforce these Terms against You.

8.2 Google

If You have started your subscription in Google Play or if You use Kivra+ on an Android device, the following applies to the relationship with Google Inc. ("Google").

Kivra is solely responsible for Kivra+ and Google has no obligation or liability to You regarding Kivra+ or these Terms.

You agree to use Kivra+ and Kivra's Android app solely in accordance with Google's Terms and Conditions for Google Play.

9. Support

For more information about Kivra+ or if You need help with any function or your account, please contact Kivra's support at support@kivra.com or 0770-457 000.

10. Dispute resolution

In the event of a dispute between Kivra and the User, the parties shall in the first instance try to resolve the dispute by agreement. If the parties cannot agree, the dispute shall be decided by the General Complaints Board (Swe: Allmänna Reklamationsnämnden, ARN), Box 174, 101 23 Stockholm, www.arn.se. Otherwise, the dispute shall be settled by a general court in Sweden.

In addition, the European Commission provides an online dispute resolution website designed to help consumers and suppliers resolve their out-of-court disputes, see http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/.