Special terms and conditions for digital receipts

Valid from 25 September 2020 and onwards.
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In case of any inconsistencies between the Swedish and the English version of these "Special terms and conditions for digital receipts", the Swedish version shall take precedence.

1. Generally about the service

These special terms and conditions (the "Terms") apply when Kivra Sverige AB, reg. no. 556917-3544, or another company within the same group as Kivra Sverige AB ("Kivra"/"We"/"Us") provides a service for you as a private user at Kivra (the “User"/"You") to receive and manage digital receipts ("Digital Receipts") from companies, organizations and others who have chosen to join Kivra ("Receipt Issuers").

In order to access the Digital Receipts service, You must accept these Terms. The Terms apply as special terms and conditions in addition to Kivra’s General Terms and Conditions for the Service ("General Terms") that You approved in connection with the activation of Your digital mailbox in Kivra. Unless otherwise stated in these Terms, what is said about E-letters in the General Terms shall also be applicable to Digital Receipts and what is said about Senders shall also be applicable to Receipt Issuers. The Terms apply when You use the Digital Receipts service. The Digital Receipts service is not available for Business Users.

The Digital Receipts that You receive in Your digital mailbox in Kivra are to be regarded as original receipts according to the Accounting Act (1999:1078) and by issuing a Digital Receipt, the Receipt Issuer fulfills its obligations to issue a receipt according to the Cash Register Act (2007:592). The features that may be utilized from time to time via the Digital Receipts service may vary over time in scope and design. Kivra reserves the right to continuously develop, extend, limit or otherwise change the design of the service, technical functions, systems and other components and the terms and conditions thereof. The content and terms and conditions that apply to the service at any given time are always notified to the User for his or her decision when using the service.

2. Use of the service

The Digital Receipts service is provided in logged-in mode in Your digital mailbox at Kivra. In order to use the service, You need to log in to Your account at Kivra. If You have activated push notifications for Kivra's app, You can also get direct access to Your Digital Receipts via the push notification that is sent out in connection with a Digital Receipt being delivered to Your digital mailbox. This feature requires that You have logged in via the app within the last thirty (30) days. The function can be deactivated under settings in the service. If You deactivate the function, login is required to access Your Digital Receipts via upcoming push notifications.

When You are connected to the service, You will automatically be able to receive Digital Receipts from the Receipt Issuers who are connected to Kivra from time to time. You may notify Kivra at any time that You no longer wish to receive Digital Receipts from one or more Receipt Issuers or choose to terminate the Digital Receipts Service completely. If You choose to terminate the Digital Receipts service, or cancel a Receipt Issuer, the Digital Receipts that have already been delivered to Your digital mailbox will remain.

In addition to what is stated in the General Terms about storage, Digital Receipts are stored in Your Digital Mailbox for eight (8) years. Before the eight years expire, You will also be offered the opportunity to choose an extended storage period through settings in the service.

Via the Digital Receipts service You can manage Your Digital Receipts in accordance with the functionality offered from time to time in the service. Among other things, You may choose to forward Digital Receipts to one or more expense management systems that You use and that are connected to Kivra (“Expense Management System”). A copy of the Digital Receipt will then be saved in Your Digital Mailbox while the original receipt is sent to the Expense Management System.

What is stated in the General Terms regarding the possibility for a User to share their digital mailbox with another User does not apply to Digital Receipts. However, the User may choose to share a copy of a Digital Receipt without information regarding paid amount (“Gift Receipt”) with another User.

3. Prices and fees

The Digital Receipts service is provided free of charge to Users.

4. Processing of personal data

In order to provide the Digital Receipts service to You, Kivra needs to collect and process certain personal data about You in accordance with the information about Kivra's processing of personal data which You find here: Processing of personal data. You can feel confident that Kivra always takes the utmost account of Your privacy and handles Your personal data with great caution and care. Kivra does not prepare access to the content of the Digital Receipts that is communicated to You and does not resell the information to any third party.

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