This is Kivra

At Kivra, we aim for solutions from which everyone can benefit. Digital letters and receipts shall make everyday life and working life more convenient.

Kivra's journey so far

Kivra was founded in 2011, in Stockholm. The idea was that digital post would make it easier for everyone and at the same time contribute to a more sustainable world.

The last eight years, we have extended our offer – from a digital mailbox only, to numerous services. Today you can pay bills, sign documents digitally, scan paper post, streamline your bookkeeping, send and receive digital receipts – and more. We develop new services continuously. But the aim is still the same – to create sustainable solutions from which everyone can benefit.

Kivra today

Today, almost four million people in Sweden are Kivra users. And tens of thousands of companies and authorities send their post with Kivra. We have established partnerships with the leading providers of letters and invoices. Even so, providers of payment and bookkeeping systems. In the year 2020, we started the transition from paper- to digital receipts.

Kivra is, with connections via Bankgirocentralen, a financial institute under the supervision of Finansinspektionen. We follow all applicable regulations to protect our users' integrity (GDPR). We are also an approved provider of Mina Meddelanden, for secure and digital authority mail.

Kivra is a private corporation, owned by 41an Invest (Karl-Johan Persson and Stefan Krook), FAM (The Wallenberg Foundations), the company board, and the employees.

Core values

At the very heart of our company is sustainability, to which we have several approaches. We aim to make solutions that are »happy-happy«, meaning that no one – individuals, organisations or the environment – should be disadvantaged.

Temovation and kindness, means that we attach importance in collaborating with everyone who can benefit from our services.