Kivra's climate work

Our sustainable core business model is our superpower. On top of that, we measure and reduce our own emissions. Good for the climate, good for the future.

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Our core is sustainable

Sustainable business model

Sustainability is the core of Kivra's business. It is noticeable in several ways. From a sustainable business model and longterm ownership, to always keeping security top-of-mind.

We reduce emissions all the time

We limit business trips, buy used servers and our server halls are powered with renewable electricity. Surplus heat from our server halls is, in turn, converted into heating.

We limit our emissions by conserving the forest

By binding carbon dioxide, we compensate for our emissions. We then commit another 10 percent by preserving forests.

Fotograf: tom Swinnen unsplash Fjällvandrare 16 juni 2022

Your important stuff is our priority

We’re here to make adulting easier. Adulting as in paying bills, keeping receipts, collecting letters and keeping track of stuff. We’re here to take your mind off papers, and to let trees produce oxygen rather than spreadsheets. To us, smart, kind and smooth goes hand in hand. Join over half of Sweden's population and gather your important stuff in Kivra.

Measure, reduce and invest.

Our climate work consists of three parts – measure, reduce and invest in nature based solutions.


Analyse emissions of greenhouse gases

Emissions are calculated on the basis of ISO 14067 and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. The result is divided into three parts – scope 1, 2 and 3. It gives a complete picture of our climate impact. U&We helps us with the analysis.


Reduce emissions

The analysis shows where our emissions are. And gives us the foundation to be able to take action and reduce.


We invest in nature based solutions and preserve forests

The trees in our forests absorb and bind carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. We invest in nature based solutions representing 110% of our emissions. We do this in partnership with ZeroMission to preserve forests. Read more about


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