About us

This is more about you than us. You who are sick of paper stacks – you who’d rather spend your time thinking about other things. For you we created an app that makes the important stuff just a little bit simpler.

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What’s important to you is important to us

We're just like you. We’ve ripped envelopes, skimmed OCR numbers and stacked paper on the microwave oven. Until we found a better way.

Hand on heart – a window envelope makes no one happy. Least of all nature. Kivra started off as a bright green question mark. Who do we turn trees into paper? Why all this wood pulp?

We saw before us a paperless society. Where shelves were set free and drawers uncluttered. Where people paid bills from the hammock and forests grew back.

We saw an easier way to adult. Where we wouldn’t have to look for bills or registration certificates. A way to gather all the stuff that tends to make a mess – to simplify things once and for all.

Today, every other Swede has Kivra. Maybe since it's the only reasonable thing. Maybe since you can pay bills, store receipts, receive letters and upload important stuff in one single app. Maybe it's your turn now? Do as half of Sweden – make adulting simpler, save the environment and gather your important stuff in Kivra.

The very beginning of a paperless story

It was 2011, and things were as they’ve always been. Trees became pulp that became bills and flyers. The mail was picked up in small cars and then driven out to small post boxes – just as they always were. But wait a second. Was there really no better way, a bunch of digital innovators asked themselves. There was. They founded Kivra, which soon became something much bigger. We’ve evolved from a digital mailbox to a one stop shop for your important stuff. But it doesn’t end there. Along with our main owners 41 Invest and FAM, we’re constantly finding new smart ways to improve life – for you, society and nature.


How does Kivra work?

Lean back and relax. As you get Kivra, things start falling into place. Letters, bills, receipts and uploads – all in one single app. Do as 5,8 million others, gather your important stuff in Kivra. It’s smart, safe and kind to the environment.

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Join the journey towards a sustainable world

You know the drill – we need to do something. As individuals and as companies. Wanna be part of the change? Every document you receive in Kivra makes an actual difference.

Get peace of mind with digital mail and receipts. Get started with Kivra.